• London To Host Natural & Organic Products Europe

    UNITED KINGDOM: The Natural & Organic Products Europe trade show at London’s Olympia, which will be held April 1-2, will provide visitors with increased opportunity to expand their international ranges, with exhibitors from more than 2…

  • Beiersdorf Announces Further Realignment

    Beiersdorf Announces Further Realignment

    GERMANY: The executive board and the supervisory board of Beiersdorf AG decided on a further realignment of the company’s structures and processes to strengthen its regional focus.     More re…

  • Arizona Chemical Forms Legal Trade Unit in China

    CHINA: Arizona Chemical has formed Arizona Chemical Limited, a China Trading Company, which will operate out of the company’s office in Shanghai, China and will provide local sales, marketing, technical support, customer service and supp…

  • PCD is Feb. 8 and 9 in Paris

    FRANCE: Packaging and dispensing systems are major components in the success of a perfume or beauty product like makeup. For the consumer, it is the packaging that conveys the brand image. It must catch his or her attention, protect and preser…

  • 50 BASF Products AreCosmos-Approved

    GERMANY: BASF’s business unit Personal Care Europe has announced that 50 of its products have been evaluated and approved for compliance with the Cosmos standard. Developed by Europe’s leading NGOs for natural and organic cosmetics…

  • CPL Aromas MarksFar East Milestone

    CPL Aromas MarksFar East Milestone

    HONG KONG: CPL Aromas Far East marked its 20th anniversary with a gala evening at the Hong Kong Convention Centre on Nov. 10. More than 300 guests were in attendance.     CPL Aromas recently celebrat…

  • InterCharm Milano, HairWorld Set for Oct. 2012

    ITALY: With a total of 28,161 professionals and sector operators, a 40%-plus growth rate of visitors compared to the 2010 edition and double the number of international attendees from 77 countries, InterCharm Milano 2011 surpassed even the mos…

  • Reed Sinopharm UnveilsPCHi 2012 Program

    Reed Sinopharm UnveilsPCHi 2012 Program

    CHINA: Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions (RSE) has updated its conference program for PCHi 2012, which will be held in Shanghai at the World Expo Theme Pavilion, February 27-29. The event is expected attract more than 5,000 industry professionals. &…

  • FujiFilms Expands AstaliftDistribution to Europe

    JAPAN: FujiFilm Europe GmbH will roll out its Astalift skin care range into the European market starting next month. Since its introduction in Japan four years ago, the Astalift range has earned user acclaim among women eager to maintain youth…

  • Imedeen Oral Skin Care Officially Part of Pfizer

    DENMARK: Pfizer Inc. has completed its previously announced acquisition of Ferrosan Consumer Health’s business, which includes dietary supplements and the Imedeen skin care range, from Altor 2003 Fund GP Limited. “Ferrosan Cons…

  • Confusion, MislabelingIn Asian Naturals Market

    UNITED KINGDOM: Natural cosmetic sales are increasing at a fast rate in Asia, however, the market is blighted by false marketing claims, mislabeling of products and consumer confusion, according to Organic Monitor, which is based in the UK.…

  • Natural or Organic…To Be or Not to Be?

    Natural or Organic…To Be or Not to Be?

    I recently went shopping with a friend who wanted to buy some high quality personal care products as gifts for her pregnant sister. At the counter of one retailer that specialized in hand-made soaps, she asked me if all of the brightly colored, str…
    Ally Dai 01.29.13

  • Jala (Group) Co. Ltd.

    The company is focused on cosmetics, personal cleaning and personal care products sold under its four major brands targeting the middle to high-end and low-end market, Maysu, Chando, Aglaia and Insea via major distribution channels such as department…
    Ally Dai , Happi China 01.29.13

  • Home-grown cosmetics are finding favor with Chinese consumers.

    Home-grown cosmetics are finding favor with Chinese consumers.

    Home-grown cosmetics are finding favor with Chinese consumers. Shanghai Jahwa provides personal care, cosmetics, and household care products as well as industrial and institutional products under various brands nam…
    Ally Dai, Happi China 01.29.13

  • Top Chinese Manufacturersin China’s Beautyand Personal Care Market

    Company %Share Procter & Gamble Co. 15.8 L’Oréal Group 11.0 Shiseido Co. Ltd. 5.4 Unilever Group 4.5 Amway Co…
    Ally Dai, Happi China 01.29.13

  • Huge Potential

    E-commerce has been increasingly regarded as a potentially huge and profitable market. Since 2010, China has boasted the most internet users in the world—exceeding 500 million last year, according to the latest statistics from CNNIC/Internation…
    Ally Dai, Happi China 01.29.13

  • Explore & Expand

    While the market is attractive, competition is also mounting. There are several types of B2C online retailing portals in China, including brands operating their own online stores such as Lancôme and Shiseido, B2C online platform operators that…
    Ally Dai, Happi China 01.29.13

  • Future Shifts in Retailing

    According to Euromonitor, the overall upbeat economic outlook in China is expected to underpin the dynamic constant value CAGR of 9.3% predicted in retailing from 2011 to 2016. Primarily due to supporting policy from the central government to further…
    Ally Dai, Happi China 01.29.13

  • What’s Popular Online?

    According to “2011 Annual Report on Consumption Trends in Cosmetics” issued jointly by Tmall and CCTV Market Research, the trading volume growth of online cosmetics retailing in 2011 was over 200%, far exceeding the 18.7% overall growth r…
    Ally Dai, Happi China 01.29.13

  • Boosted by TCM

    Boosted by TCM

    Nutraceutical makers insist that they want a more regulated market, improved product credibility, strong ethics and technical excellence. Although new regulations may curtail product claims, most manufacturers note that they can convey their produc…
    Ally Dai, Happi China 01.29.13