• Kegel LLC Patents Household Cleaning Composition

    Patent No. US 7,326,674 B2: A cleaning composition comprising a mixture including: sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, an alkali metal alkylbenzene sulfonate, an ingredient selected from the group consisting of a trialkyl glycol monoalkyl ether, limone…

  • Wella Patents Keratin Brightening Method

    Patent No. US 7,326,254 B2: A ready-to-use agent for the simultaneous brightening and coloring of keratin fibers has been assigned to Wella AG, Darmstadt, Germany.…

  • LycoRed Awarded Patent for Skin Proctectant

    IP Australia granted patent protection to LycoRed Ltd. for an invention in the field of skin care. The innovation is a carotenoid composition of lycopene, phytoene, phytofluene and optionally vitamin E that protects the skin from the damaging effect…

  • Photoprotective Cosmetic Is Patented by LOral

    Photoprotective Cosmetic Is Patented by LOral

  • Rohm & Haas Earns Patent for Neolone CapG Blend

    European Patent Office: Has awarded the patent for Neolone CapG technology, a synergistic blend of methylisothiazolinone and caprylyl glycol to Rohm & Haas.…

  • Tanning Research Labs Patents Composition

    Patent No. US 7,309,481 B2: A composition essentially free of lower monohydric alcohols selected from the group consisting of methanol, ethanol, propanol and isopropanol and mixtures thereof has been assigned to Tanning Research Laboratories, Inc.,…

  • Eco Patents Natural Surfactant Process

    Patent No. US 7,309,686 B2: A process for extracting a natural surfactant was patented by Eco Holdings LLC, Miami, FL.…

  • LOral Patents Photoprotective Emulsions

    Patent No. US 7,316,808 B2: The patent for a stable UV-photoprotective, phase-inverted, oil-in-water emulsion comprising inorganic metal oxide nanopigments and at least one organic UV-screening agent has been assigned to L’Oréal Paris,…

  • MMI Patents Natural Sunscreen Compositions

    Patent No. US 7,311,896 B2: A natural sunscreen composition comprising extract of plant Hedychium spicatum and/or plant Alpinia galanga and a cosmetically-acceptable carrier has been assigned to MMI Corporation, Cayman Islands.…

  • Cosmetic Composition Patented By Merck

    Patent No. US 7,311,895 B2: A A cosmetic composition comprising dihydroxyacetone, a topical vehicle, and a compound was patented by Merck, Darmstadt, Germany.…

  • Belle-Aire Patents Gel/Air Freshener System

    Patent No. US 7,311,900 B2: A composition comprising a powder mixture which, when water is added, will form a gel/air freshener system has been patented by Belle-Aire Fragrances, Inc., Mundelein, IL.…

  • Ciba Patents Stabilized Composition

    Patent No. US 7,309,682 B2: A stabilized composition comprising a body care product, household cleaning agent, or household treating agent selected from the group consisting of skin care products, bath and shower products, liquid soaps, bar soaps, p…

  • S.C. Johnson Patents Glass Cleaning Composition

    Patent No. US 7,314,852 B1: A patent for a glass cleaning composition has been assigned to S.C. Johnson & Son, Inc., Racine, WI.…

  • Aluminum Salts Patented by Colgate-Palmolive

    Patent No. US 7,311,898 B2: Zirconium free, high-efficacy, low irritation aluminum salts and related products has been patented by Colgate-Palmolive, New York, NY.…

  • Photoprotective Compositions Patented by LOral

    Patent No. 7,311,809 US B2: A patent has been assigned to L’Oréal, Paris, France for a photoprotective composition comprising at least one aqueous phase, at least one water-soluble or water-dispersible polymer.…

  • Foaming Composition Patented By Galderma

    Patent No. US 7,316,810 B2: A foaming composition for washing and treating the hair and/or the scalp based on an active principle has been assigned to Galderma S.A., Cham, Switzerland.…

  • P&G Patents Perfume Polymeric Particles

    Patent No. US 7,316,994 B2: Has been assigned to The Procter & Gamble Company, Cincinnati, OH for a method for making an aqueous fabric softening compostion having pH from about 2-8 with improved delivery of perfume raw material.…

  • Cosmetic Preparation Patented by Cognis

    Patent No. US 7,318,929 B2: A cosmetic composition comprising a polyether urethane thickener has been patented by Cognis Deutschland GmbH & Co. Dusseldorf, Germany.…

  • Henkel Patents Detergent Composition

    Patent No. US 7,316,995 B2: Detergents or cleaning agents comprising a water-soluble building block system and a cellulose derivative with dirt dissolving properties has been assigned to Henkel, Dusseldorf, Germany.…

  • Rohm Haas Earns Patent for Neolone CapG Blend

    Rohm & Haas Earns Patent for Neolone CapG Blend