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    Anti-Aging and Ayurveda are part of well-being

    Ayurveda is fast-becoming a preferred lifestyle option around the world, and it is poised for a quantum leap today as Western companies realize its potential and Western consumers realize its benefits. Ayurveda is the age-old science of well-being, w…
    Navin M. Geria, AyurDerm Technologies, LLC 05.01.17

  • We’re No. 3! We’re No. 3! Hair Care in Brazil

    We’re No. 3! We’re No. 3! Hair Care in Brazil

    The hair care category is competitive in every country on earth. It’s clear that consumers around the world deeply care about their hair and their concerns are reflected in the size of the market. According to Euromonitor International, global…
    Daniela Ferreira, Correspondent 05.01.17

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    When New Is Not Enough! Fine Fragrances Fall Flat

    When New Is Not Enough! Fine Fragrances Fall Flat

    Despite a flood of new launches, exciting new ingredient concepts and strategic marketing to attract new consumers, sales of European men’s and women’s fragrances fell flat last year. However, artisan/niche fragrances gained visibility an…
    Imogen Matthews, Consultant 05.01.17

  • Functional Ingredients | Hair Care

    A Natural Alternative To Hair Relaxers

    The growing trend for natural hair care products not only relates to consumer demand for more sustainable, ethically-sourced ingredients, but also encompasses a shift toward embracing natural hair texture. As a result, there has been a dramatic decli…
    Jari Alander, AAK Personal Care 05.01.17

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    Using Data from Studies Conducted by Suppliers

    In the skin care industry, raw materials suppliers conduct studies on their ingredients to demonstrate performance. These studies are conducted with the goal of gaining interest of potential finished formulation companies. Sometimes I am asked t…
    Nava Dayan, Dr. Nava Dayan LLC 05.01.17

  • Actives | Sun Care

    A Cloudy Forecast for Sun Care Sales

    The European sun care market is under pressure from other beauty products that are formulated to protect the skin from the dangers of the sun’s damaging rays. As UV protection is added to more products, including moisturizers, foundations, eye…

  • To Tell the Truth? Or Just Tell a Lie?

    To Tell the Truth? Or Just Tell a Lie?

    Telling the truth is telling the facts with no judgment, from an objective point of view, with a degree of humility. It means revealing all the facts, not only the ones that may be beneficial or dovetail with one’s goals. It means highlighting…
    Nava Dayan, Dr. Nava Dayan LLC 03.01.17

  • Men’s Grooming: It’s Five O’Clock (shadow) Everywhere!

    Men’s Grooming: It’s Five O’Clock (shadow) Everywhere!

    Slowly but surely, European men are taking to grooming products in greater numbers, not just for functional reasons, but to look and feel better. The change has yet to be reflected in sales increases, but the signs are there, especially among image-c…
    Imogen Matthews, Contributing Editor 03.01.17

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    There Will Be Blood

    There Will Be Blood

    A new idea in anti-aging.
    Navin M. Geria, AyurDerm Technologies, LLC 02.27.17

  • Europeans skip some steps in facial skin care routines

    European consumers are remarkably conservative in their choice of facial skin care products. Despite a proliferation of new formats flooding the market, many from Korea, Europeans have yet to embrace the multi-step regimen favored by other cultures.…
    Imogen Matthews, Consultant 02.01.17

  • Actives | Skin Care

    MIT Adds a New Wrinkle To Anti-Aging Technology

    Consumers go to great lengths to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. MIT researchers took a very scientific approach to this problem and created a cream with impressive anti-wrinkle results. This column will briefly review the chemistry and benefits o…
    Navin Geria, AyurDerm Technologies 01.06.17

  • Functional Ingredients | Personal Cleansers

    Russia Makes a Splash in Personal Cleansers

    Taking a bath may seem quaint to many people living outside Europe, but it is a favored ritual for those seeking some indulgent downtime in their own homes. As a result, sales of spa-inspired products are growing. And yet, shower gels and body washes…

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    The Value of Fair Trade Certification

    As consumers embrace socially responsible purchasing choices, corporations seek to accommodate this ethos by attaining Fair Trade certification. This trend is particularly pronounced in the natural products industries where farmers are the producers.…
    Scott Meadows, Concentrated Aloe Corporation 12.01.16

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    Is Oral Care Connectivity A Cure for Cavities?

    European oral care routines are evolving slowly to incorporate more than just daily brushing with plenty of potential for consumers to use a wider portfolio of products for dental health. A recent trend for natural formulations mirrors that of other…
    Imogen Matthews, Consultant 12.01.16

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    In-Cosmetics Latin America posts big gain in attendance

    The beauty industry returned to Brazil this year, when In-Cosmetics Latin America took place in São Paulo in October. The two-day event welcomed 3,500 visitors, an increase of 31% compared to last year. Visitors came from all over Latin Americ…
    Daniela Ferreira, Correspondent 12.01.16

  • Functional Ingredients | Skin Care

    The Challenges of Formulating Natural Products

    The demand for natural and eco-friendly beauty products is on the rise, with recent reports indicating the category is growing faster than the overall market. Consumers seek products that are natural, sustainable and ethically sourced, promising bene…
    Jarek Tabor, AAK Personal Care 11.02.16

  • Testing

    Selecting In Vitro Test Models: Monolayers to Skin Explants

    Cells emerged on earth at least 3.5 billion years ago, but it took humanity quite some time to discover and then explore these magical structural units. Cells were discovered in 1665 by Robert Hooke, an English natural philosopher, architect and math…
    Nava Dayan, Dr. Nava Dayan LLC 11.02.16

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    Anti-Aging Efficacy Of Topical Green Tea Products

    Consumers prefer cosmetic formulas that are promoted for their antioxidant properties, according to Packaged Facts, a market research company. In recent years, retail sales of these products exceeded $4 billion, with skin care products accounting for…
    Navin M. Geria, Ayurderm Technologies LLC 11.02.16

  • Color Cosmetics

    Is Your Makeup Ready For Its Selfie?

    You can’t make these statistics up. A new study from YouTube confirms that 65% of its beauty views come from makeup, with UK content powering up the rest of the world. Social media, including YouTube, is a force for change within makeup and is…
    Imogen Matthews, Consultant 11.02.16

  • Marvel Comics Men’s grooming line

    Men’s grooming line Magic Shave is collaborating with Marvel Comics in a two-part integrated media program featuring an original Luke Cage storyline entitled, appropriately, “Luke Cage in a Close Shave!” The comic was created by…