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current issue December 2014
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Anti-Aging & Cosmeceutical Corner

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Navin M. Geria, Doctors Skin Prescription
November 3, 2014
Air pollution is a global problem, but the worst culprits are found, not in China, but in India. According to India’s Center for Science and Environment (CSE), last year New Delhi surpassed Beijing to become the world’s most polluted city…  Read More »
Navin M. Geria
September 3, 2014
The eyes are the first area of the face to show age. Youthful eyes make your entire face appear fresher. Consumers are demanding problem-specific products, as confirmed by Euromonitor. According to Euromonitor, the sales of anti-aging skin care produ…  Read More »
Can You Diminish Skin Pores?
Navin M. Geria, Senior Technical Advisor and Principal Doctors Skin Prescription
July 2, 2014
According to Debra Jaliman, M.D., pore size is genetically determined and, no matter how much you try, you cannot make pores physically smaller. Generally speaking, fair skinned people tend to have have pores on the smaller side, and those with olive…  Read More »
Glycation’s Role In Skin Aging
Navin M. Geria
May 2, 2014
This column will briefly examine the importance of glycation and its emerging role in skin aging, which is a relatively new area of skin research. Glycation holds an important plank in the anti-aging platform, and helps to bridge the gap between trad…  Read More »
Navin M. Geria, Senior Technical Advisor and Principal Doctors Skin Prescription
March 5, 2014
The term “natural” has considerable market value in promoting skin care cosmetic products to consumers. We are familiar with natural ingredients such as jojoba, safflower oil, rose hip seed oil, shea butter, beeswax, aloe vera, witch haze…  Read More »
The Anti-Aging Power of Topical Vitamins
Navin M. Geria, Consultant
February 7, 2014
The arrival of a new year can be such a motivating event to make improvements in one’s life. If it’s February, most folks have already forgotten the resolution they made on January 1. But no matter what the calendar reads, it is always a…  Read More »
Remarkable Retinoids
Navin M. Geria, Senior Technical Advisor and Principal Doctors Skin Prescription
December 3, 2013
Global anti-aging product sales are forecast to grow 26% from 2011-2016 to $28 billion. During this time, US anti-aging sales will climb 24% to $3.6 billion, according to Euromonitor International. Some of the most potent, collagen-boosting raw mater…  Read More »
Navin M. Geria, Senior Technical Advisor
September 27, 2013
The US anti-aging skin care market is valued at $832 million by Mintel, and is expected to expand 46% from 2010 to 2015, according to the market research company. However, sales gains have slowed during the past year, according to Mintel, and 69% of…  Read More »
Navin M. Geria, Senior Technical Advisor and Principal Doctors Skin Prescription
August 2, 2013
The anti-aging category certainly isn’t showing its age. Global sales of anti-aging products are expected to grow 26% from 2011-2016 to reach $28 billion, according to a study by Euromonitor International. During that time, US sales of anti-agi…  Read More »
Navin M. Geria
June 6, 2013
There are nearly 150,000 different known species of mushrooms in the world. Some of the most popular are shiitake, reishi, maitaki, enoki, oyster, lion’s mane, hericium erinaceous, coriolus versicolor, cordyceps, cloud, chager, cremini, astraga…  Read More »
New Anti-Aging Benefits Emerge for Probiotics
Navin M. Geria, Senior Technical Advisor and Principal Doctors Skin Prescription
April 3, 2013
How does smearing yogurt all over your face lead to a clearer complexion and softer, smoother skin that’s less prone to breakouts? This column examines the science surrounding the multibillion-dollar probiotics market. According to the Health…  Read More »
Anti-Aging Supplements Finally Come of Age
Navin M. Geria, Senior Technical Advisor and Principal Doctors Skin Prescription
February 12, 2013
On Jan. 1, no matter what the year, nearly everyone makes a resolution to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Healthier living and proactive health management are two megatrends impacting the supplement industry. The wealth of knowledge available to the a…  Read More »
Navin M. Geria, VP-R&D, SpaDermaceuticals
June 9, 2009
Anti-aging creams remain unblemished by the recession, according to Mintel. U.S. anti-aging skin care product sales rose 13% to $1.6 billion between 2006 and 2008, outpacing the general facial skin care, which increased 11% during the same period. Th…  Read More »
Navin M. Geria, SpaDermaceuticals
March 31, 2009
We have all read the bold claims for night creams; they moisturize skin during sleep, neutralize free radicals, improve texture, tone skin, firm up sagginess and fade brown spots. Are night creams really helpful in fighting aging? Do they really prov…  Read More »
Skin Analyzers Shine Light on Aging and UV Damage
Navin M. Geria, VP-R&D, SpaDermaceuticals
December 1, 2008
Consumers who visit high-end department stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue and Bergdorf Goodman can’t miss the impressive looking skin analyzers that are prominently displayed on beauty counters. These contraptions can also be found in medical sp…  Read More »