• Oral Care

    The Top 50 & Toothpaste

    When the U.S. sneezes, the world catches a cold. Not long ago, that axiom dominated debate on the global economy. But in recent years, the growing global influence of the European Union, the rise of China and India, along with the dollar’s weak…

  • Color Cosmetics | Packaging

    It's Not Easy Going Green

    With apologies to Kermit the Frog, introducing a green product or process isn’t easy or always the slamdunk you’d expect. This month, we report on the fast-growing market for natural personal care products, but the environmentally-friendl…
    Tom Branna, Editorial Director 05.29.07

  • Oral Care | Skin Care

    Those Profitable Niche Markets

    Those Profitable Niche Markets

  • Personal Cleansers

    Going Green Seeing Red

    Demand for “green” products has been having an impact on the personal care market for years; now the concept is re-shaping the household cleaning category, too. A growing segment of the population seeks products that are associated with t…

  • Skin Care

    More than Hope in a Jar?

    There’s no doubt that cosmetic chemistry is more advanced than ever before. Today’s formulators are incorporating botanical extracts, exfoliating acids and peptides into a range of skin care creams, lotions and serums. Sure, it’s al…

  • Skin Care

    A New Era in Skin Care?

    Procter & Gamble’s acquisition of HDS Cosmetics Lab Inc. may signal a new chapter in the anti-aging category. While a purchase price was not disclosed, sources say P&G paid as much as $90 million for the company, which markets DDF skin…
    Tom Branna, Editorial Director 02.06.07

  • Laundry Care

    A New Beginning in the New Year?

    We’re only in January, but 2007 is already shaping up to be a watershed year for the global household and personal products industry. On the top of everyone’s list, of course, is REACH, the new European regulation for chemicals which has…

  • Packaging | Skin Care

    A Millstone or Milestone?

    Some time in the next week or so, the U.S. population will top 300 million. At a time when other industrial powers such as Japan, Russia and much of Europe are losing population, the fact that the U.S. continues to motor along adding citizens is quit…

  • Color Cosmetics | Sun Care

    Is Your Launch Doomed to Fail?

    How many new products make their debut in HBA aisles and cosmetic counters every year? More importantly, how many are still on store shelves three years down the road? The failure rate of new product introductions approaches 90% and, as every sports…

  • Skin Care

    The Legacy of a Leader

    Going global isn’t a suggestion, it’s a mandate. Every company, regardless of its size, must look beyond its borders to find growth in this increasingly complex world. For 17 years, we’ve brought you The International Top 30, a look…
    Tom Branna, Editorial Director 08.11.06

  • Color Cosmetics

    Beauty’s Future Looks Bright & Weird

    What will beauty look like in 2025? Will women foresake their vast cosmetics collections in favor of monochromatic colors or worse yet, choose to wear no makeup at all? It’s not such a far-fetched prediction...after all, only a couple of years…
    Tom Branna, Editorial Director 07.07.06

  • Skin Care

    Wellness Arena Is Doing Well

    While some segments in the household and personal products industry are rather sickly these days due to rising feedstock prices, there’s no denying that the wellness segment is thriving. What exactly is wellness? Well, industry observers define…

  • Skin Care

    Happy in Their Own Skin

    Want to make a marketer smile? Talk about skin care—the one personal care category that seems to keep getting bigger no matter what the economy is doing. In recent years, prestige and mass market companies have rolled out an array of skin care…

  • Oral Care | Packaging

    Natural Market Is Heating Up

    What is a natural? Household and personal product formulators have been contemplating that question for decades without reaching a definitive answer. While chemists scratch their heads, CFOs at multinational corporations have been sharpening their pe…
    Tom Branna, Editorial Director 04.11.06

  • Oral Care

    Minimizing Risk Post-2005

    Prior to 2005, most household and personal product marketers probably didn’t ask their suppliers about their contingency plans in the face of a natural disaster. But hurricanes Katrina and Rita left so much devastation in their wakes that…
    Tom Branna, Editor 02.14.06

  • Laundry Care

    REACH Extends Its Reach

    Regulations aren’t sexy. Go to any industry conference and it’s a safe bet that the regulatory track will be one of the more poorly attended segments. Folks would much rather hear about the latest new technology or marketing ideas...you k…
    Tom Branna, Editor 01.09.06

  • Packaging

    Will 2005 End With a Thud?

    No sooner did Halloween decorations come down than Christmas decorations went up. And that’s the signal that the all-important holiday selling season is underway. According to several preliminary reports (see News Front, p. 14), consumers ar…

  • Skin Care

    Problems & Potential Damage

    Aside from varying levels of pigment, is Caucasian skin all that different from Black skin? What about Hispanic or Asian skin? This month, associate editor Susan Eliya looks at the issues that surround the U.S. ethnic skin care market. Based on dem…
    Tom Branna, Editorial Director 10.21.05

  • What We’ve Got Here…

    Is a failure to communicate, so said the prison warden to Paul Newman in the 1967 classic, “Cool Hand Luke”—and these days, US sunscreen formulators are handcuffed by the US Food & Drug Administration, which has refused allow th…
    Tom Branna, Editorial Director 11.30.-1