• Color Cosmetics | Skin Care

    Natural & Organic And Growing, Too!

    The landscape is changing for the European natural and organic beauty products market. No longer can the category be considered secondary to mainstream cosmetics and toiletries; it is right up there in terms of innovation and consumer acceptance. The…
    Imogen Matthews, Contributing Author 08.01.16

  • Actives | AP/Deo | Functional Ingredients

    New Deodorant Launches Tackle Modern Lifestyles

    When compared to other beauty categories, such as skin and hair care, deodorants and antiperspirants have a less glamorous image and therefore attract less media attention. They tend to be overlooked because they are regarded as everyday essentials,…
    Imogen Matthews, Consultant 07.01.16

  • Body Care Sales Stall As Innovation Grows

    European body care sales have been relatively lackluster in recent years. Despite their lack of enthusiasm, more Europeans insist that they are using body care products more regularly as part of their year-round routine. That trend is helping maintai…
    Imogen Matthews, Consultant 06.01.16

  • Fine Fragrance | Functional Ingredients

    New Fragrance Launches Fail to Ignite Sales

    European market continues to slump.
    Imogen Matthews, Contributor 05.02.16

  • Actives | Skin Care | Sun Care

    Sunscreen usage remains Sluggish in Europe

    Although seasonality drives European sun care sales, brands are increasingly looking at ways of adding value to encourage consumers to incorporate sunscreens as part of a regular skin care regime. The latest sun care launches offer much more than sun…
    Imogen Matthews, Consultant 04.01.16

  • Finally, the Ascent of Man! Grooming Comes of Age

    Few personal care product categories present as much opportunity for growth as male grooming, especially in Europe. Pride in personal appearance and the growing fashion for beards of varying lengths has created new possibilities, especially for the e…
    Imogen Matthews, Consultant 03.01.16

  • A Russian Revolution In Facial Skin Care

    Facial skin care is one of beauty’s most important categories in Europe; the segment is benefitting from the arrival of Asian-inspired concepts that are contributing to a trend toward multi-step regimens. As a result, many Europeans are expandi…
    Imogen Matthews, Consultant 02.03.16

  • Actives | Functional Ingredients | Personal Cleansers | Polymers | Preservatives | Surfactants

    A Bad Case of the Bathing Blues as Personal Cleanser Sales Dip

    European cleanser market takes a bath.
    Imogen Matthews, Consultant 01.04.16

  • Actives | Functional Ingredients | Oral Care | Polymers

    A Sophisticated Approach To Oral Hygiene in Europe

    Demand for oral care products is rising throughout the region.
    Imogen Matthews, Consultant 12.02.15

  • Color Cosmetics | Pigments

    Selfie-Inspired Products Are Remaking Makeup

    Imogen Matthews on what works and what doesn't in beauty.
    Imogen Matthews, Consultant 11.02.15

  • Functional Ingredients | Hair Care | Polymers | Surfactants

    Europeans Add Extra Steps To Their Hair Care Routine

    Much as they are in skin care, European consumers are changing their hair care regimens to include a variety of targeted products for different hair and scalp conditions. As a result, the scope for product innovation is much wider, as companies exten…
    Imogen Matthews, Consultant 10.01.15

  • At-Home Spa Treatments For Domestic Goddesses

    The at-home spa market is an important one in Europe, where the cost of having professional treatments is less affordable and culturally less of a norm compared to markets such as Asia. Traditionally positioned as a luxury investment or a pampering e…
    Imogen Matthews, Consultant 09.01.15

  • Marketers Play Loose & Fast With Natural’s Definition

    Despite high interest in natural and organic cosmetic products by European consumers, the market is highly fragmented with very few brands having a strong presence throughout the region. The main issue is in the definition; natural is a very loose te…
    Imogen Matthews, Consultant 08.03.15

  • Some Pockets of Growth In Underarm Protection

    It may not be the pits, but it’s certainly not coming up roses, either. Regarded by many Europeans as a functional daily essential, deodorants have long been a relatively unexciting product category and posted just a 2% gain in 2013 (the latest…
    Imogen Matthews 07.01.15

  • Poles, Russians Drive Sales of Body Care

    Many of the trends driving growth in facial skin care are also applicable to the body care market. European consumers seek convenience and value, but also demand products that offer more than basic moisturization, such as anti-aging properties and in…
    Imogen Matthews, Consultant 06.01.15

  • Lux Is Still the Leader In Fine Fragrance

    Fragrance is one of the few European beauty markets where premium brands dominate, accounting for approximately 70% of sales; premium fragrances are regarded by many to be aspirational, yet affordable. Even during the economic downturn, consumers pre…
    Imogen Matthews 05.01.15

  • Consumers Get the Message Regarding Sun Protection

    Consumers’ attitudes toward tanning and the use of sun protection products are influencing trends within the European sun care market. Sun care usage is no longer just about protecting the skin and other sun-related health concerns, but increas…
    Imogen Matthews, Consultant 04.01.15

  • Goodbye, Metrosexual; Hello, Lumbersexual!

    Goodbye, Metrosexual; Hello, Lumbersexual!

    Shoreditch, London is the place to go to pick up on the latest fashion, food and grooming trends. This inner city section of London is where the trend for thick full hipster beards got its start and now, everywhere you look, men aged 18-40 are sporti…
    Imogen Matthews, Consultant 03.04.15

  • Face It: One Size Does Not Fit All

    You can sum up the European facial care market in two words: simplicity and efficacy. They are the primary drivers within the category, reflecting polarizing trends for multi-functionality and multi-step regimes. The alphabet trend is still in full s…
    Imogen Matthews, Consultant 02.06.15

  • Functional Ingredients | Personal Cleansers | Surfactants
    The Bubble Bursts In Liquid Bath

    The Bubble Bursts In Liquid Bath

    Functionality and the addition of beauty benefits are key trends in Europe’s bath and shower market, where the preferred method of personal cleansing is taking a shower. Annual growth in the nearly $5.9 billion European bath and shower market h…
    Imogen Matthews, Consultant 01.06.15