• High-Tech Oral Care Is a Reason to Smile

    European consumers are putting more effort into their oral care routines by trading up to products with more advanced claims aimed at helping prevent tooth decay and addressing dental hygiene issues. This shift in attitudes is helping to boost Europe…
    Imogen Matthews, Consultant 12.05.14

  • Color Cosmetics | Pigments

    The UK and Russia Lead Makeup Gains

    The recent dip in European makeup sales may have been a blip as the category has recorded stronger growth in 2013, according to Datamonitor. However, performances have varied by country. The UK leads the way as it has done for some years, while Italy…
    Imogen Matthews, Consultant 11.03.14

  • Hair Conditioners and Colorants Offer Growth Opportunities

    Hair Conditioners and Colorants Offer Growth Opportunities

    Despite a slowdown in growth in the European hair care market, innovation has helped maintain consumer interest. No longer regarded as a regular personal care staple, the hair care routine has evolved to include sophisticated products, such as serums…
    Imogen Matthews, Consultant 10.02.14

  • More Women Stay Home For the Spa Experience

    Time- and money-strapped consumers are changing the spa industry. The recent recession in Europe created a surge in new spa product launches for home use that offer consumers a way to incorporate high quality, premium, yet more affordable beauty trea…
    Imogen Matthews 09.03.14

  • Augmented Beauty Grows in Europe

    As most of the European economies move out of recession, austerity is finally giving way to augmentation, especially in the area of aesthetic medicine and professional skin care. Growth in cosmetic procedures has had a knock-on effect on topical skin…

  • Sluggish Growth For Euro Deos

    Regarded by many Europeans as a functional daily essential, deodorants have long been a relatively unexciting product category and posted just 2% growth in 2013, according to Euromonitor. However, innovative formats and a trend toward “chemical…
    Imogen Matthews, Consultant 07.02.14

  • It’s a Bum Wrap For Body Care

    Body care has some way to go before it catches up to facial skin care in European markets. A much smaller and less sophisticated market, body care was valued by Euromonitor at $4.3 billion in Western Europe and $900 million in Eastern Europe in 2013,…
    Imogen Matthews 06.02.14

  • Are These the Scents Of Things to Come?

    Are These the Scents Of Things to Come?

    The European fine fragrance market is a mature one and struggled to put on a 1% sales increase in 2013, according to Euromonitor. Still experiencing the aftereffects of the economic downturn, European consumers were more circumspect about their spend…
    Imogen Matthews, Consultant 05.02.14

  • Segmentation Is the Key In European Sun Care

    The European sun care category has come under attack from other skin care products, including BB and CC creams that have added sun protection to their formulas. These multifunctional products are considered to be just as effective, more convenient an…
    Imogen Matthews 04.01.14

  • Is the Wait Finally Over For Men’s Grooming?

    For some years, the European men’s grooming market has experienced slow, steady growth, reflecting a gradual change in men’s usage behavior. Often touted as the “next big thing,” the market has yet to fulfill its potential and…
    Imogen Matthews, Consultant 03.05.14

  • Russia Is One to Watch In European Skin Care

    Russia Is One to Watch In European Skin Care

    Facial skin care is one of the more dynamic product categories within European cosmetics and personal care and a source of considerable new product development. There are two key trends for multifunctional products and targeted treatments, which are…
    Imogen Matthews, Consultant 02.07.14

  • Marketers Try to Stay Afloat In European Bath & Shower

    In recent years, the European bath and shower market has struggled to keep pace with other beauty sectors, both in terms of value growth and new product ideas. Although shower gels and bath liquids are a daily essential for most people, intense price…
    Imogen Matthews, Consultant 01.01.14

  • More Europeans Brush Up Their Oral Care Routines

    Oral care is big business in Europe, worth $11.7 billion in 2012 and growing more than 3% a year, according to Datamonitor. Some consumers are becoming more oral care conscious and adopting more extensive daily regimes, while demanding more from the…
    Imogen Matthews, Consultant 12.03.13

  • Has the Shine Rubbed Off of European Cosmetics?

    Has the Shine Rubbed Off of European Cosmetics?

    Lipstick sales have long been viewed as a barometer for the economic health of nations—when times are tough, sales of lipstick soar as women treat themselves to this little magic bullet which has the power to make them feel as if things aren&rs…
    Imogen Matthews 11.04.13

  • Budget-Conscious Europeans Bring Home a Spa Experience

    Spa products for use at home are a category that has benefited hugely from the economic downturn, as consumers use spas and salons less often but are reluctant to give up the whole pampering experience. Not only are spa-inspired products proving popu…
    Imogen Matthews, Consultant 09.27.13

  • Actives | OTC/Medicated | Skin Care
    Drastic Action Needed For Older Consumers

    Drastic Action Needed For Older Consumers

    An aging population determined to hold onto their looks has driven growth of anti-aging products across Europe. Non-surgical procedures, such as Botox, chemical peels and dermal fillers are on the rise, a trend that is also reflected within the skin…
    Imogen Matthews 09.04.13

  • Hair Care Sales Slow In Much of Europe

    Hair Care Sales Slow In Much of Europe

    Hair care products, such as shampoos and conditioners, are  widely used by most consumers in Western Europe, so any sales gains in these categories are unspectacular. Rather, the potential for growth is higher in Central and Eastern Europe, wher…
    Imogen Matthews 08.02.13

  • Europeans Don’t Sweat the AP/Deo Market

    The majority of Europeans regard the use of a deodorant or antiperspirant as a necessary part of their personal hygiene routine, leaving manufacturers little room to drive volume growth in this mature market. However, demographic factors, such as ge…
    Imogen Matthews, Consultant 07.10.13

  • Body Care Shows Modest Growth

    The European body care market has posted only modest value growth of 7% during the past five years, topping $4.8 billion in 2012, according to the latest Datamonitor research. A major reason is that most women do not consider body care as a “mu…
    Imogen Matthews 06.06.13

  • It Was a Tough Year For Fine Fragrance

    Fragrance company executives in Western Europe are most likely relieved to have 2012 behind them, after the market flat-lined at $12.8 billion, according to Euromonitor. Both premium and mass fragrance struggled to reach parity with 2011, which was a…
    Imogen Matthews, Consultant 05.03.13