• Inconspicuous Consumption

    Inconspicuous Consumption

    The personal care industry has embarked on a journey to incorporate greener and more ethically and sustainably sourced ingredients and manufacturing processes.
    Christine Esposito, Associate Editor 06.01.15

  • Scenes from Salons

    Scenes from Salons

    Industry experts explain what works, what doesn’t and what they’d like to see in the next generation of professional hair care products.
    Tom Branna, Editorial Director 06.01.15

  • Overcoming Long Odds

    Overcoming Long Odds

    When the going gets tough, or complicated, or complex or downright puzzling, CSPA and its member companies find a solution.
    Tom Branna , Editorial Director 06.01.15

  • Supplier Insights

    Supplier Insights

    It’s not just the new products making news at In-Cosmetics. Leading suppliers have their own ideas about what it takes to make a successful personal care formula.
    Tom Branna, Editorial Director 06.01.15

  • Actives | Functional Ingredients | Polymers | Skin Care
    Interior Design

    Interior Design

    Nutritional products can improve and beautify skin from the inside out.
    Melissa Meisel , Associate Editor 05.01.15

  • Actives | Functional Ingredients | Hair Care | Pigments | Polymers


    Hair color isn’t all about hiding grays—it’s about selecting shades that reflect individuality, too.
    Tom Branna , Editorial Director 05.01.15

  • Actives | Skin Care
    Face Valued

    Face Valued

    Skin care formulations that promise to protect a prized possession—one’s appearance—are always in demand.
    Christine Esposito, Associate Editor 05.01.15

  • Actives | Functional Ingredients | OTC/Medicated | Polymers | Skin Care
    Anti-Aging Moisturization

    Anti-Aging Moisturization

    Researchers at Rahn develop a symbiotic moisture concept from lichen, moss and fern that hydrates the skin.
    Dr. Stefan Banziger, Dr. Stefan Hettwer, Brigit Suter, Barbara Obermayer, Rahn AG, Zurich, Switzerland 05.01.15

  • Actives | Functional Ingredients | Polymers | Skin Care
    A Multifunctional Ingredient for Delicate Eye Contour

    A Multifunctional Ingredient for Delicate Eye Contour

    Lipotec’s Eyedeline marine ingredient provides several benefits for the delicate skin around the eyes. It reduces vascular pe
    Julia Comas, Cristina Davi, Elena Canadas, Albert Soley, Raquel Delgado , Lipotec SAU 05.01.15

  • More, More, More

    More, More, More

    2014 was a prolific launch year for fine fragrance.
    Christine Esposito, Associate Editor 04.01.15

  • Made to Order

    Made to Order

    Personalized personal care and household products is easier than ever.
    Tom Branna, Editorial Director 04.01.15

  • Illustrious Advancements

    Illustrious Advancements

    Ethnic hair care and skin care companies are having success at every level.
    Melissa Meisel , Associate Editor 04.01.15

  • Preservative Efficacy Testing

    Representatives from finished product companies and suppliers provides insight on preservation.

  • Functional Ingredients | Hair Care | Polymers
    Always in Style

    Always in Style

    Ashland adds a workhorse polymer to its lineup, further solidifying its place as an expert partner for brands that want to thrive in the $8 billion hair styling category.
    Christine Esposito, Associate Editor 03.04.15

  • Hair Care | Personal Cleansers

    Inspiration & Innovation

    Growing your brand or just starting out? Happi’s upcoming Brand Building Breakfast Seminar, April 22, 2015, will feature a panel of experts and dynamic entrepreneurs who have succeeded in the competitive personal care space. For more than 50…

  • Other Types of Calamities

    Other Types of Calamities

    Over-the-counter (OTC) remedies rescue consumers from skin and health issues that are—at the time—more pressing than fine lines and wrinkles.
    Christine Esposito , Associate Editor 03.04.15

  • AP&Deo Efficacy

    AP&Deo Efficacy

    Take a closer look at how these products tackle underarm odor and perspiration and how consumers perceive their effectiveness—a perception that varies by country, according to the authors.
    Barrie Drewitt and Cheryl Gizzi , Princeton Consumer Research Inc. 03.04.15

  • A Kaleidoscopic Revolution

    A Kaleidoscopic Revolution

    Marketers put new twists on classic color cosmetics for 2015.
    Melissa Meisel , Associate Editor 03.04.15

  • It’s a CoverUp

    It’s a CoverUp

    A dreadful 2013 season had ripple effects in 2014. But marketers remain confident that sun care 2015 will shine brightly for several reasons.
    Tom Branna, Editorial Director 03.04.15

  • Down to Business

    Down to Business

    More than 900 industry executives attended the American Cleaning Institute’s annual meeting and convention, which was held last month in Orlando, FL.
    Tom Branna, Editorial Director 03.04.15