• Boosting the Performance Of Sunscreen Formulations

    Boosting the Performance Of Sunscreen Formulations

    Thomas Russo and John Chase, Lipo Chemicals, Inc. || September 28, 2012
    Two specialty additives from Lipo Chemicals improve the aesthetic quality of sunscreen formulations and aid solubility of specific sunscreen actives.

  • All Systems Go

    All Systems Go

    Christine Esposito, Associate Editor || September 28, 2012
    Working with the right testing service provider can make all the difference in getting products to market faster and in compliance.

  • AmorePacific Raises the Stakes in the US

    AmorePacific Raises the Stakes in the US

    Tom Branna , Editorial Director || September 28, 2012
    The leading player in the Korean beauty market is expanding its reach in the US with new products, new distribution and big plans.

  • Detergent Industry To Meet in Singapore

    Detergent Industry To Meet in Singapore

    September 28, 2012
    The AOCS event features presentations by the leaders of Kao, Unilever and Procter & Gamble

  • Doctors’ Orders

    Doctors’ Orders

    Tom Branna, VP/Editorial Director, Happi || September 15, 2012
    The link between nutrition and healthy skin has never been stronger. Here’s what leading dermatologists have to say about what people eat and how it affects their appearance.

  • Navigating the ‘Natural’ Landscape

    Navigating the ‘Natural’ Landscape

    Eric S.C. Lindstrom, Counsel Keller And Heckman, LLP || September 15, 2012
    With no consensus on the definition of ‘natural,’ companies are left to use this claim at their own risk.

  • Cosmeceuticals & Antioxidants: Perfect Together

    Cosmeceuticals & Antioxidants: Perfect Together

    David Sprinkle, Publisher & Research Director, Packaged Facts || September 15, 2012
    Using Mother Nature as inspriation, cosmeceutical marketers are pursuing antioxidant vitamins, minerals and other plant-based ingredients to bolster product lines.

  • Leading Dermatologists Answer Your Anti-Aging Questions

    Leading Dermatologists Answer Your Anti-Aging Questions

    September 15, 2012
    Happi’s Anti-Aging Conference & Tabletop Exhibition is set for Sept. 18 & 19, 2012 at the Hyatt Regency, New Brunswick, NJ.

  • 2012 Beauty Ingredients Directory

    2012 Beauty Ingredients Directory

    September 15, 2012
    Suppliers share ingredient offerings suitable for both topical and oral formulations.

  • Marketwatch

    September 15, 2012
    Food-to-Personal-Care Continuum Analyzed Antioxidants are featured in a diversity of consumer packaged goods (CPGs)—from granola bars to vitamin shakes to detox skincare. According to a new report from New York, NY-based Packaged Facts, &ldquo…

  • Natural Personal Care Trends

    Natural Personal Care Trends

    Darrin Duber-Smith & Mason Rubin, Contributing Writers || September 14, 2012
    Mother Nature delivers the goods and smart marketers cash in.

  • Happi Show in Print 2012

    September 7, 2012
    A special advertising section that highlights the capabilities of packaging suppliers.

  • Witness Protection

    Witness Protection

    Melissa Meisel, Associate Editor || August 31, 2012
    Modern skin care formulations feature a hint of tint, anti-aging benefits and a pop of SPF.

  • Spanning the Globe

    Spanning the Globe

    Tom Branna, Editorial Director || August 31, 2012
    Most surfactant suppliers will go to the ends of the earth these days in search of growth as gains in developed markets slow.

  • Formulating High Performance Sun Care Products

    Formulating High Performance Sun Care Products

    Maria Fe Boo; Christina He; Eve De Maesschalck* and Marie Ollagnier**, Lubrizol Specialty Chemicals (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., *Lubrizol Advanced Materials BVBA (Louvain-la-Neuve), Belgium, ** Lubrizol Advanced Materials, France || August 31, 2012
    The use of a polymeric emulsifier provides excellent emulsification