• Natural Polyoses Provide Immediate Tightening Effects

    Natural Polyoses Provide Immediate Tightening Effects

    Avena Sativa Extract has a tensor, smoothing and anti-wrinkle effect that is visible

  • A Green Clean

    A Green Clean

    Led by marketers such as Method and Seventh Generation, the home cleaning sector is awash in innovation.

  • Skin Care Polymer Trends

    Skin Care Polymer Trends

    Marketers and suppliers alike are patenting innovative concepts in moisturizing and anti-wrinkle benefits using a variety of novel substances.

  • On the Road Toward Green, Part II

    On the Road Toward Green, Part II

    In the conclusion of his journey, the author provides details on the dynamic growth of the green segment and how companies are capitalizing on the trend.

  • Scent Sales Slip Again

    Scent Sales Slip Again

    After another year of soft sales and an economic slowdown ahead in the U.S., can the next round of scents turn the tide for the fine fragrance business?

  • Extra Strength

    Extra Strength

    The latest antiperspirants and deodorants fight to the finish.

  • The Physical Chemistry of Cosmetic Formulations

    The Physical Chemistry of Cosmetic Formulations

    Formulation is the meticulous balance of all ingredients in a single physical entity. The author provides some guidance on how to create effective and esthetically-pleasing cosmetic products.

  • On the Road Toward Green

    On the Road Toward Green

    Cosmetic manufacturers face a long, arduous journey in their quest to develop environmentally-preferable products. Heres a roadmap to get going.

  • A New Direction in Sun Protection

    A New Direction in Sun Protection

    Sun care marketers roll out an array of UV solutions.

  • Trade Association Directory

    Trade Association Directory

    All the contact information you need in one place.

  • The Annual Buyer

    The Annual Buyer's Guide

    A Comprehensive Online Source

  • Right in the Kisser

    Right in the Kisser

    Today's oral care packs a one-two punch

  • Holistic Beauty

    Holistic Beauty

    Consumers are becoming a lot more fussy about the products they put on their skin and hair, and thats expanding demand for mineral makeup and a host of other alternative formulations.

  • The Afterlife of Natural, Ancient Egyptian Cosmetics

    The Afterlife of Natural, Ancient Egyptian Cosmetics

    The handwriting is on the wall. Cosmetic chemists searching for novel active materials for today's cosmetics should look toward Egypt for solutions.

  • Natural Personal Care Update

    Natural Personal Care Update

    Sustained growth in the age of sustainability.

  • Transdermal Delivery

    Transdermal Delivery

    Marketers rely on a variety of ways to deliver active materials to the skin.

  • The Silent Persuader

    The Silent Persuader

    Fragrance moves consumers toward purchasing household products.

  • A Rising Tide

    A Rising Tide

    While its competitors struggle, Procter & Gamble continues to make gains in the U.S. laundry detergent market.

  • A Natural Fit?

    A Natural Fit?

    Marketers big and small are entering the green cleaning segment. But is there room for everyone and are consumers willing to pay more for these products?

  • Now That

    Now That's Smart

    A closer look at the growing emphasis on smart, two-faced and nanostructured particles and their many applications in personal care formulations.