• Fragrance by Design

    Fragrance by Design

    Consumers are still willing to pay for premium fragrances during an economic downturn. Classic and designer-backed scents garner the most interest, and celebrity-driven juices are down, but not out.

  • Hair Care Polymer Trends

    Hair Care Polymer Trends

    A close look at recent patent activity reveals increasing emphasis on color, conditioning and styling applications.

  • Are Multinationals Missing the Natural Movement?

    Are Multinationals Missing the Natural Movement?

    Small and mid-sized personal care companies have embraced the natural trend. Meanwhile, large companies only enter the category via acquisitions.

  • Placing the

    Placing the 'B' Back in Beauty

    Body care and brighteners are at the forefront of 2008 ethnic skin care product rollouts

  • Room to Grow for Wipes?

    Room to Grow for Wipes?

    The household wipes category is dominated by Clorox, but smaller players are finding their niche. In personal care, private label holds the lead.

  • Standing the Test of Time

    Standing the Test of Time

    When ingredients need to be tested, safety assessed and claims substantiated, the right testing facility can speed and ease the process.
    Christine Esposito, Associate Editor 09.30.08

  • HBA 2008: It

    HBA 2008: It's a Wrap

    Sixteenth annual event draws more than 16,000 beauty business experts to New York. HBA Awards presented to industrys best and brightest.

  • Profiling the Natural/Organic Personal Care User

    Profiling the Natural/Organic Personal Care User

    Take a closer look at who’s buying all those natural and personal care products...and the reasons behind the purchases.
    Maryellen Molyneaux, Natural Marketing Institute 09.15.08

  • Five Brand Truths that Get Her Trying...and Buying

    Five Brand Truths that Get Her Trying...and Buying

    Critical consumer insights about naturals and organics, and specifically the consumer’s feelings about nutricosmetics and cosmeceuticals, are translated into five real world brand elements that encourage her to try, buy and trust natural inside/out beauty products.
    Alisa Marie Beyer, The Benchmarking Company 09.15.08

  • Healthy Skin Aging

    Healthy Skin Aging

    A new definition brings new opportunities.
    Grant Washington-Smith, Roseville Consulting 09.15.08

  • Ayurvedic Beauty

    Ayurvedic Beauty

    The Ayurvedic discipline of physical, mental and spiritual well-being has been successfully practiced for over 5000 years. A harmonious balance of body, mind and soul provides optimal ingredients for a happy, healthy, meaningful and balanced life.…
    Shyam Gupta, PhD, Bioderm Research 09.15.08

  • Professional Assessments

    Professional Assessments

    Dermatologists and nutritionists evaluate inside-out beauty products.
    Navin Geria, SpaDermaceuticals 09.15.08

  • Beauty Ingredients Directory

    A comprehensive listing of suppliers of active ingredients for applications geared toward topical and internal beauty solutions.
    Compiled by Nutraceuticals World & HAPPI Staff 09.15.08

  • Personal Cleansers

    Personal Cleansers

    More marketers are trying to develop mild cleaners that are free of sulfates. This article explains how to do it.

  • The Surfactant Market

    The Surfactant Market

    Faced with rising costs, a growing emphasis on sustainability and greater demand for multifunctionality, industry suppliers offer a range of solutions for household, personal care and industrial and institutional product formulators.

  • Home Sweet Home Fragrance

    Home Sweet Home Fragrance

    Masking odor is a distant memory. Todays environmental fragrance products eliminate pesky scents, transport people to exotic locations and look right at home doing so.

  • A Day in the Sun

    A Day in the Sun

    UV protection is sweeping the skin care market in daily usage, multi-benefit products.
    Melissa Meisel, Associate Editor 09.03.08

  • The Key to Cosmeceuticals

    Annual conference looks at top trends in this growing segment.

  • Troubling Times

    Troubling Times

    Surfactant industry executives from around the world gathered in Paris in June to discuss a wide range of topics including sustainability, new product development and slow growth in mature markets.

  • MultiColor Effect Pigments

    MultiColor Effect Pigments

    These skin-tone effect pigments from the Taizhu Group enhance color and correct flaws with unique natural radiance.