• Wellness & Vanity: Where Health and Beauty Meet

    Companies need to create brands that consumers can connect with on multiple levels.
    Jennifer Haid, EdD, iconoculture 09.15.07

  • Beauty Supplements Foster Fruit Fresh Complexions

    Move over apples and oranges, ‘superfruits’ like goji, açai and pomegranate are taking center stage.
    Mary Jane Tenerelli, Contributing Editor 09.15.07

  • Beauty Foods & Cosmeceuticals: Alive and Well in Europe

    Analyzing the active ingredients, claims and science behind some of market’s leading cosmeceutical and beauty food formulations.
    Joerg Gruenwald, Analyze-Realize AG 09.15.07

  • Q&A: Scott-Vincent Borba

    Scott-Vincent Borba, Founder and CEO, Borba Skin Care Products, Woodland Hills, CA Beauty I&O caught up with Scott-Vincent Borba, creator of a variety of ingestible and topical skin care products, to dis…

  • Surfactant Market Update

    Suppliers develop innovative products and programs to meet the dynamic needs of this important segment.

  • Retail Regulations

    Retail Regulations

    A tour of Wal-Marts new requirements for its legions of vendors.

  • Magic in the Air

    Magic in the Air

    Home fresheners lead the market, while candles try to keep up.

  • UV Protection in Skin Care

    UV Protection in Skin Care

    Its a day at the beach for many anti-aging products. Increasingly popular in skin product formulas, SPFs are a necessity in daily anti-aging care.

  • Baby Boom

    Baby Boom

    Specialty products for little ones make giant steps in 2007.

  • Shades of Autumn

    Shades of Autumn

    Fall's color cosmetics offer an array of hues.

  • Fresh Scents

    Fresh Scents

    Antiperspirant, deodorant marketers are catering more to consumers.

  • Beauty in a Pill?

    Beauty in a Pill?

    Beauty-enhancing supplements infused with nutrients command shelf space.

  • In-Cosmetics in Review

    In-Cosmetics in Review

    Another year, another record attendance for Europes largest trade show devoted to the global personal care industry.

  • An Actives Lifestyle

    An Actives Lifestyle

    Aging Baby Boomers and skittish young consumers are driving growth of personal care actives.

  • Packaging Power: Capped  Jarred

    Packaging Power: Capped Jarred

    Packaging suppliers must find ways to comply with new TSA requirements

  • Cosmetics Go Green

    Cosmetics Go Green

    Industry insiders weigh in on todays top trends in natural ingredients.

  • Preservative Market Update

    Preservative Market Update

    Consumer groups, rather than knowledgeable cosmetic chemists, are dictating how products are preserved. And that has some industry experts worried.

  • Hair Care with Style

    Hair Care with Style

    Hair styling trends indicate that consumers crave volume. Now marketers are trying to fill that void with an array of products.

  • Skin Care Grows Up

    Skin Care Grows Up

    Skin care sales continue to rise as companies introduce advanced anti-aging and professional products at home.

  • Going Green Gets Going

    Going Green Gets Going

    Going green may be the easiest way to gain a foothold in the chemical specialties segment, a category that remains heavily fragmented, say industry experts.