• A Breath of Fresh Air

    A Breath of Fresh Air

    Home fragrance sales stay solid as traditional air fresheners are superceded by more luxurious products.

  • Skin Care Sports SPF

    Skin Care Sports SPF

    Sun protection continues to appear in everything from facial moisturizers to lip balms, and demand continues to grow as skin cancer woes mount.

  • Overcoming the Emotional Scars of Acne

    Overcoming the Emotional Scars of Acne

    A seminar featuring a diversified panel of experts helps to educate about teen and adult acne.

  • Bold Looks for Fall

    Bold Looks for Fall

    Cosmetic companies continue to embrace dramatic shades for the upcoming autumn season to help boost sales.

  • Big Steps for Baby

    Big Steps for Baby

    Baby care grows up as marketers explore increasing segmentation in products for babies, toddlers and children.

  • Cosmeceuticals Come of Age

    Cosmeceuticals Come of Age

    Demand is soaring for sophisticated skin treatments that do more than camouflage imperfections. But before you start formulating, here are some ideas on what is selling and why.

  • More Than Skin Deep

    More Than Skin Deep

    The beauty supplement market takes some tricky turns, but the trend stays strong.

  • The Good, the Bad and the Unguent

    The Good, the Bad and the Unguent

    LOreal buys The Body Shop, but reactions are mixed

  • The Power of Packaging

    The Power of Packaging

    Manufacturers trust that visual effects and advances in innovation will make products stand out on retail shelves.

  • Novel  Natural Ingredients

    Novel Natural Ingredients

    Effective, cutting-edge ingredients have been found in nature.

  • Actives Speak Louder Than Words

    Actives Speak Louder Than Words

    Aging baby boomers are driving the demand for highly-functional active ingredients, and suppliers have launched an array of materials to meet this consumer demand.

  • Goldwell Serves Up Hairstyling Line on Ice

    Goldwell Serves Up Hairstyling Line on Ice

    Hairstylists preview new line in a unique venue

  • Preservative Update

    Preservative Update

    Facing a raft of challenges to traditional systems, industry suppliers have developed a fleet of solutions to meet marketers' preservation needs.

  • Forever Young

    Forever Young

    Skin care continues to target aging consumers with youthful desires and money to spend.

  • Hair Styling Holds Up

    Hair Styling Holds Up

    Consumers' interest in hair styling products continues to spike.

  • Tartes on Trend for Spring and Summer.

    Tartes on Trend for Spring and Summer.

    Tarte executives provide insight into whats hot in cosmetics for the upcoming seasons.

  • Mean, Green, Cleaning Machine

    Mean, Green, Cleaning Machine

    Surface cleaner sales are declining due to consumers increasingly hectic lives, while the demand for convenient products is pulling the market forward.

  • Room to Grow

    Room to Grow

    The ethnic hair care industry has potential, but growth is still slow.

  • Not So Desperate

    Not So Desperate

    Sure celebrity scents have a short lifespan, but industry observers insist that these fragrances have provided a much needed lift for a sagging beauty category.

  • Sun Care is Back

    Sun Care is Back

    Sun care sales are up, thanks to growing concern about UV damage.