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current issue July 2014
 •  What's a Brand Worth?  •  BASF Expands in Shanghai  •  Detergent Ingredients Are Safe Says ACI  •  Sunscreen Innovation Act Is Up for Vote  •  Dollar Tree To Buy Family Dollar
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Household Fragrances
November 14, 2005
From citrus to sophisticated, the household cleaning segment continues to surprise our senses.  Read More »
The Natual Products Market
November 14, 2005
Science and nature meet to produce the next generation of botanical-based personal care products.  Read More »
Unilever Gets a Lift from New Products
November 14, 2005
Unilever has rolled out a host of new laundry products that meet a diverse range of consumer needs.  Read More »
Affordable Ambiance: The Spa Market
November 11, 2005
Relax. The spa market is bigger than ever, and there's an experience or at-home product for everyone.  Read More »
Why is Orange Glo So Appealing?
November 11, 2005
The privately-held company develops effective, yet mild cleaning products that are fun to use.  Read More »
Hair Care Market
November 11, 2005
Hundreds of competing hair care brands answer increasingly diverse needs.  Read More »
II Update
November 11, 2005
The industr bounces back from a difficult year.  Read More »
A Flood of Fragrance
November 11, 2005
This holiday season is ripe with many new fragrance entries.  Read More »
November 11, 2005
Bar soap sales are stagnant, but body wash revenues are up. All in all, the cleansing category held its own in 2002.  Read More »
November 11, 2005
With $8-10 billion in hand, Procter & Gamble is ready to make another major acquisiton (or two).  Read More »
Behind Every Good Man is a Great Product
November 11, 2005
Men are getting savvy about personal care products and where to find them.  Read More »
Celebrating Diversity
November 11, 2005
Ethnic skin care is by no means a cookie-cutter market.  Read More »
Home Fragrance: Homier than Ever
November 11, 2005
Though candle sales are flat, diffusers and other innovations are sparking interest.  Read More »
UV Protection
November 11, 2005
UV protection's not just for sun care products anymore. More skin care products provide a defense against UVA and UVB rays and with the addition of antioxidants, they help UV-damaged skin recover more quickly.  Read More »
Everything Personal
November 11, 2005
Marketers are acknowledging the purchasing power of teens wih products that suit their diverse styles.  Read More »