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current issue May 2015
 •  Palmers Casts Hewitt for Fall Campaign  •  UPDATE: P&G Sells Frédéric Fekkai  •  Novex Expands With Curls Collection  •  Net-A-Porter Picks Up Goldfaden MD  •  Spectrum Buys Armor All
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November 15, 2005
Fine fragrance is blooming with new ideas this spring.  Read More »
New Product Driven
November 15, 2005
After years of cost-cutting, marketers insist that they're launching the next wave of innovative chemical specialty products.  Read More »
Ethnic Hair Care: Options for Everyone
November 15, 2005
From bright hair colors to styling mousses, there are several new options in the ethnic hair care market.  Read More »
Show Me The Money
November 15, 2005
How much do you make and how do you compare to your peers?  Read More »
B.O. Be-Gone: Antiperspirant Update
November 15, 2005
Antiperspirant sales may be sluggish, but innovation is not.  Read More »
November 15, 2005
High performance products call for innovative formulating techniques and novel materials too.  Read More »
Sun Care 2004
November 15, 2005
After last year's disappointing sales, the heat is on sun care marketers.  Read More »
Nutracosmetics: A New Growth Segment
November 14, 2005
A wave of novel creams and lotions is ready to reach store shelves. Is your company on board yet?  Read More »
The Mystical Properties of Mists
November 14, 2005
An innovative spray technology enhances the absorption of vitamin C.  Read More »
New Sensations in the Oral Care Market
November 14, 2005
From acquisitions to innovations, the oral care market is flourishing with new partnerships and technology.  Read More »
Household Fragrances: All the Comforts of Home
November 14, 2005
Marketers try to sway consumers with an array of fragrance options.  Read More »
A Green Machine
November 14, 2005
Natural products are sprouting up in every corner of the personal care category.  Read More »
Is Dial a Good Call for Henkel?
November 14, 2005
Henkel's acquisition of Dial is the biggest news in the laundry detergent segment.  Read More »
Cleaning Innovations
November 14, 2005
Of course household sprays and liquids have to get surfaces clean, but they better do it fast and make chores a little fun, too.  Read More »
And Luxury for All
November 14, 2005
Salons and spas are visited by folks of all ages and varying incomes.  Read More »