• Some New Ideas in Delivery

    Some New Ideas in Delivery

    January 3, 2007
    Before an active ingredient can go to work on age spots, wrinkles and other cosmetic maladies, it must reach its target. Here are some of the newest ideas in getting active materials to the skin.

  • Clean Excitement

    Clean Excitement

    January 3, 2007
    Classic clean citrus notes make way for novel scents such as cinnamon spice, mountain fresh and honeysuckle rain in household products.

  • Good Enough to Eat

    Good Enough to Eat

    January 3, 2007
    Consumers look to natural personal care products to help them live a healthier lifestyle as the segment is poised to achieve significant growth.

  • Clean Well...Do Some Good

    Clean Well...Do Some Good

    January 3, 2007
    Clean clothes? Thats a given. Now marketers say they are doing their part to clean the environment, revitalize local economies and, believe it or not, build a better world in the process.

  • Tecnologias antiidade emergentes

    January 3, 2007
    Uma ampla gama de novos ingredientes antiidade est encontrando o seu caminho para os atuais cremes e loes de cuidado da pele de alta tecnologia.

  • Proteo solar,

    January 3, 2007
    um mercado de grande potencial.

  • Productos para cabelos, um mercado promissor

    January 3, 2007
    Os produtos para tratamento de cabelos merecem destaque rea de cosmticos. Cada vez mais segmentado e com produtos ainda mais especficos, este mercado ainda promete muito para aqueles que apostarem em inovaes.

  • European Oral Care Market

    European Oral Care Market

    November 28, 2006
    European Oral Care Sales Show Signs of Recovery Georgina Caldwell European Cosmetic Markets Compared to Americans, Europeans aren’t famed for their oral hygiene—we don’t even demand that our celebrities have a good set of…

  • Innovation Drives Household Sales

    Innovation Drives Household Sales

    November 28, 2006
    Consumers forego a sponge and ammonia in favor of high-performance formulas that get dispensed from high-margin devices.

  • Advances in Skin Care

    Advances in Skin Care

    November 28, 2006
    Prestige and mass brands must now compete with dermatologist-inspired treatments.

  • Hair

    Hair's the Thing

    November 28, 2006
    Sales achieve modest growth while consumers request more specialized formulas targeted to their hair type.

  • Tween Cosmetics Experience A Growth Spurt

    Tween Cosmetics Experience A Growth Spurt

    November 28, 2006
    Tween Cosmetics Experience A Growth Spurt

  • Turning Vision into Execution

    November 14, 2006
    Detergent industry must do a better job on sustainability, insist speakers at the 6th World Conference on Detergents.

  • Small Gains in European Color Cosmetics

    November 6, 2006
    Sales are up in the UK and Spain, but sales fall in Germany, France and Italy.

  • Sure It Cleans, But is It Green?

    Sure It Cleans, But is It Green?

    October 31, 2006
    The focus is still on efficacy and value, but more customers want to know if the I&I supplies they buy are environmentally-friendly.