• You

    You've Come a Long Way Baby

    December 9, 2005
    From all natural ingredients to age-specific products, the baby care market continues to evolve.

  • Autumnal Previews

    Autumnal Previews

    December 9, 2005
    Fall cosmetic trends sparkle to make sales shine.

  • The Inside Track To Beauty

    The Inside Track To Beauty

    December 9, 2005
    Beauty in a pill is an easy concept for consumers to swallow.

  • The Power of Packaging

    The Power of Packaging

    December 9, 2005
    Manufacturers rely more and more on innovation to get packages noticed - and purchased - by consumers.

  • Sophisticated Cosmetic Ingredients

    Sophisticated Cosmetic Ingredients

    December 9, 2005
    Even the most demanding consumers can find effective anti-aging cosmetics, thanks to a wide array of novel active materials.

  • Novel Natural Ingredients

    Novel Natural Ingredients

    December 9, 2005
    The market for innovative, effective and unique ingredients continues to grow - naturally.

  • Hope (and Results) In a Jar

    Hope (and Results) In a Jar

    December 9, 2005
    When it comes to skin care, marketers realize the importance of delivering on their promises.

  • Preservative Update

    Preservative Update

    December 9, 2005
    The paraben controversy is no longer making headlines, but more suppliers are offering paraben-free alternatives for their customers.

  • Hairstyle Trends for Spring  Beyond

    Hairstyle Trends for Spring Beyond

    December 9, 2005
    THE HAIR STYLING market is ready for a change, as retro looks and an increase in men’s products aim to elevate flat sales. For the 52 weeks ended Feb. 20, 2005, hair spray sales decreased 3% to $362 million and gel/mousse sales were up…

  • Green  Easy

    Green Easy

    December 9, 2005
    With sales stagnant, marketers are rolling out easy-to-use products that appeal to environmentally-conscious consumers.

  • Uncommon Scents

    Uncommon Scents

    December 9, 2005
    Thanks to some novel fragrance ideas, the sales drought may be over for the fragrance industry.

  • Ethnic Hair Care: Room for Growth

    Ethnic Hair Care: Room for Growth

    December 9, 2005
    As more women opt for indiviuality, marketers respond with products to meet every need.

  • Hair Care Market

    Hair Care Market

    December 1, 2005
    Sales are flat, but consumers continue to favor prestige-like products.

  • The Doctor Is In

    The Doctor Is In

    December 1, 2005
    New options for treating skin problems are creating a surge in the demand for professional skin care products.

  • The Evolution of Household Cleaning

    The Evolution of Household Cleaning

    December 1, 2005
    Fueled by busy homeowners willing to pay more for convenience, the evolution of the household cleaning products has meant less human contact with cleaning than ever before. But will consumers continue to shell out cash for gadgets when a regular spray bottle will do the trick?