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November 10, 2005
Marketers are studying a wide range of materials in their search for more effective finished products.  Read More »
A New Attitude: Soaps Get Serious
November 9, 2005
Health concerns have consumers washing up more than ever. Soap marketers offer options for a public that insists o a more thorough clean.  Read More »
Plenty of Opportunities In Household Cleaning
November 9, 2005
New cleaning ideas hold promise  Read More »
The Hair Care Market
November 9, 2005
Hair care will never go out of style with the latest choices in hair protection and color.  Read More »
The II Regroups
November 9, 2005
The events of Sept. 11 had a direct impact on several key segments.  Read More »
Lasting Luxury: Fine Fragrance Update
November 9, 2005
Fragrance houses and retailers remain optimistic this holiday season despite a cautious economic climate.  Read More »
The Rising Spa Market
November 9, 2005
As facial services reach their peak, body care products will step up to plate.  Read More »
The Ethnic Skin Care Market
November 9, 2005
Despite a flurry of new products, the segment remains underserved.  Read More »
Slick Hair Moves by Robanda
November 9, 2005
With the acquisition of Jingles Academy, a skin care manufacturer enters the hair care business.  Read More »
A Man
November 9, 2005
Now that the ice has been broken in the men's grooming category, new products and tools have turned this niche market into a top contender.  Read More »
Environmental Fragrance Market
November 9, 2005
As candle sales slowly simmer down, air freshener sales are markedly brightening up, though both offer creative innovations.  Read More »
Girl Power: Teens Hit the Cosmetics Scene
November 9, 2005
No longer followers, Generation Y consumers are making themselves heard and becoming a driving force in the personal care industry.  Read More »
Skin Aging  UV Protection
November 9, 2005
Sure skin aging is intrinsic, but the UV protection keeps skin looking younger for years.  Read More »
Color Cosmetics: All that Glitters
November 9, 2005
In 1999, muted makeup shades were all the rage; in 2000, a dramatic splash of cosmetic colors hit the runway. What's new for the new millennium?  Read More »
November 9, 2005
Today's baby products contain safe, natural and effective ingredients.  Read More »