• Personal Care is Natural

    Personal Care is Natural

    January 5, 2006
    The increased awareness of a healthy lifestyle has contributed to the growth of the natural personal care products market.

  • Making Sense of Scents

    Making Sense of Scents

    December 9, 2005
    Sales of home fragrances continue to burn brightly. Here's why.

  • Surfactant Update

    Surfactant Update

    December 9, 2005
    The good news is that there's a lot of good news to report in this all-important category which can have such a big impact on household and personal care formulations.

  • No Sun Intended

    No Sun Intended

    December 9, 2005
    Formulators reveal the challenges of incorporating UV protection into aesthetically-pleasing skin care products.

  • You

    You've Come a Long Way Baby

    December 9, 2005
    From all natural ingredients to age-specific products, the baby care market continues to evolve.

  • Autumnal Previews

    Autumnal Previews

    December 9, 2005
    Fall cosmetic trends sparkle to make sales shine.

  • The Inside Track To Beauty

    The Inside Track To Beauty

    December 9, 2005
    Beauty in a pill is an easy concept for consumers to swallow.

  • The Power of Packaging

    The Power of Packaging

    December 9, 2005
    Manufacturers rely more and more on innovation to get packages noticed - and purchased - by consumers.

  • Sophisticated Cosmetic Ingredients

    Sophisticated Cosmetic Ingredients

    December 9, 2005
    Even the most demanding consumers can find effective anti-aging cosmetics, thanks to a wide array of novel active materials.

  • Novel Natural Ingredients

    Novel Natural Ingredients

    December 9, 2005
    The market for innovative, effective and unique ingredients continues to grow - naturally.

  • Hope (and Results) In a Jar

    Hope (and Results) In a Jar

    December 9, 2005
    When it comes to skin care, marketers realize the importance of delivering on their promises.

  • Preservative Update

    Preservative Update

    December 9, 2005
    The paraben controversy is no longer making headlines, but more suppliers are offering paraben-free alternatives for their customers.

  • Hairstyle Trends for Spring  Beyond

    Hairstyle Trends for Spring Beyond

    December 9, 2005
    THE HAIR STYLING market is ready for a change, as retro looks and an increase in men’s products aim to elevate flat sales. For the 52 weeks ended Feb. 20, 2005, hair spray sales decreased 3% to $362 million and gel/mousse sales were up…

  • Green  Easy

    Green Easy

    December 9, 2005
    With sales stagnant, marketers are rolling out easy-to-use products that appeal to environmentally-conscious consumers.

  • Uncommon Scents

    Uncommon Scents

    December 9, 2005
    Thanks to some novel fragrance ideas, the sales drought may be over for the fragrance industry.