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current issue April 2015
 •  Coty Names New CEO  •  OPI To Debut ColorPaints  •  Sales Jump 14% at CCA Industries  •  ISSA Revamps Clean Standard  •  Unilever Kicks Off Q1 With Gains
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Liquids Move Up in the Soap Market
November 9, 2005
Not long ago, the morning shower was simply a way to get clean. Today the shower experience is anything but routine. Current consumer demand for multi-sensory products which offer a…  Read More »
The Hair Care Market
November 9, 2005
New hair care items are appearing just in time for winter's brutal wweather with new twists in step with the latest fashions  Read More »
Fine Fragrance Update
November 9, 2005
The fragrance industry is at the forefront of big changes led by technological innovations such as aromachology and customization  Read More »
The II Market
November 9, 2005
Industrial and institutional product manufacturers have provided a raft of cleaning formulas and dispensing systems to clean and maintain floors, walls and other hard surfaces. But educating workers about the proper way to clean reamins an issue  Read More »
Spa Treatments
November 9, 2005
Spa products are now a tangible take-home concept as more Americans relieve stress, get well and indulge in new-found luxuries  Read More »
Ethnic Skin Care
November 9, 2005
Although the ethnic skin care market is not as saturated as the ethnic hair care market, more players are entering the game to fill the gaps  Read More »
The Men
November 9, 2005
As more men admit to caring about their looks, manufacturers are noticing their potential as customers  Read More »
Environmental Fragrances
November 9, 2005
After a boom in the early 1990s, sales in the environmental fragrance market have continued to surge thanks to innovative new products  Read More »
Beauty is Skin Deep
November 9, 2005
To maintain radiant, healthy-looking skin, cosumers must protect it from sun damage. Coty researchers explain UV damage and how it can be avoided  Read More »
The Teen Scene
November 9, 2005
As more companies notice these young consumers, the teen cosmetics market isn't just about glitter anymore  Read More »
Bringing Up Baby
November 9, 2005
Today's two-income families are willing to indulge their kids with higher-priced baby lotions, massage oils and bath products.  Read More »
The Rebirth of Color
November 9, 2005
Dramatic eyes, supershine for lips and vivid colors are the trends this fall  Read More »
Nautica Reveals Coordinates of New Scent
November 9, 2005
Latitude Longitude fragrance appeals to the modern adventurer  Read More »
The Natural Products Marketplace
November 9, 2005
More herbals are appearing on shelves as botanical research expands in teh personal care industry  Read More »
The Surfactant Market
November 9, 2005
Acquisitions continue to create a buzz in supplier circles.  Read More »