• Clariant and Innovacos Offer Novel Materials

    Harvey M. Fishman, Consultant || September 27, 2013
    Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of products are promoted at Society of Cosmetic Chemist Suppliers’ Days throughout the country. Here’s a look at two that were on display at the New York Chapter’s event, which was held earlier this year…

  • Sensient Offers An Easy Way To Color Personal Care Products

    Harvey M. Fishman, Consultant || September 4, 2013
    Sensient Cosmetic Technologies, www.sensient-cosmetics.com, has a product called Color’N Cap Sil that encapsulates a dyestuff in a silica matrix. It results from a combination of silica sol-gel chemistry and a spray-drying process. The sol is…

  • Hair Color That’s To Dye For

    Harvey M. Fishman, Consultant || August 2, 2013
    Before getting to this month’s subject, hair color, a bit of background on melanin, the natural hair colorant. Melanin is derived from the Greek word melas, meaning “black,” and it is a pigment found in most organisms. It is a deri…

  • Lipstick Smeared By Cal-Berkeley

    Harvey M. Fishman, Consultant || July 10, 2013
    A recent study by researchers at the University of California Berkeley’s School of Public Health found that 32 lipsticks sold in drugstores and department stores contain small amounts of lead, chromium, cadmium, aluminum and five other metals.…

  • Innovations Fill the Aisle At NYSCC Suppliers’ Day

    Harvey M. Fishman, Consultant || June 6, 2013
    Once again, the annual Suppliers’ Day, sponsored by the New York Chapter of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists, featured a range of novel products from the leading suppliers to the industry. The exhibition hall featured hundreds of booths and att…

  • Maximum Moisture In Personal Care

    Harvey M. Fishman, Consultant || May 3, 2013
    More moisture. Skin craves it and suppliers are delivering it. One of them, CP Kelco, Atlanta, GA, offers two moisturizing ingredients under the name of AquaMax. The INCI name for AquaMax HM is sodium glutamate or natto gum; for AquaMax LM, it is pot…

  • $cent Marketing

    $cent Marketing

    Harvey M. Fishman , Consultant || April 3, 2013
    According to a recent article in Smart Money, “scent marketing is becoming as ubiquitous as Muzak.” The author suggests calling it “Smellzak.”

  • A Tale of Two Silicones From Dow Corning

    Harvey M. Fishman || March 13, 2013
    This month’s discussion is focused on two Dow Corning silicone-derived products. One is for hair use and the other is for skin formulas. The hair product is Dow Corning CE-8411 Smooth Plus Emulsion (INCI name: Bis-isopropylamino-PG-propyl…

  • Fine Fragrance as High Art

    Fine Fragrance as High Art

    Harvey M. Fishman, Consultant || February 12, 2013
    The Museum of Arts and Design in New York City is currently presenting “The Art of Scent 1889-2012.” The exhibit opened in November and closes later this month. Fragrance can be a dramatic thing.…

  • High on Hyaluronic Acid

    Harvey M. Fishman || January 24, 2013
    Hyaluronic acid (HA)—also called hyaluronan or hyaluronate—is an anionic, nonsulfated polymer of disaccharides with a molecular formula of (C14H21NO11)n. The name is derived from hyalos, which is the Greek term for vitreous, and uronic…

  • In a Lather Over Hair Care Formulas

    Harvey M. Fishman, Consultant || January 22, 2013
    The primary purpose of a shampoo is to clean hair. However, a good shampoo should also have the following attributes: Enough viscosity that it does not drip excessively; Good foaming ability–especially on the first lather; Easy rin…

  • An Efficient Thickener Available from Rhodia

    Harvey M. Fishman, Consultant || November 6, 2012
    Rhodia Inc., Cranbury, NJ has a product called Rheomer 33 (INCI name: Polyacrylate 33), a milky white liquid with a solid content of 27.5-30.5% which was designed to provide efficient thickening, shear thinning rheology and good suspension properties…

  • A Closer Look at J&J

    A Closer Look at J&J's Reformulation Plans

    Harvey M. Fishman, Consultant || September 28, 2012
    As I scanned newspapers and other media looking for cosmetic industry news, I found two interesting stories. The first, from the Associated Press, included the headline “J&J vows to be toxic free.” Underneath was the subhead, “…

  • Gleams  Notions

    Gleams Notions

    August 31, 2012
    A Cold Process Emulsion System

  • Novel Personal Care Formulas, Part II

    Harvey Fishman, Consultant || August 1, 2012
    Novel Personal Care Formulas, Part II