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current issue November 2015
 •  The Laundress Opens Flagship Store  •  New Anti-Aging Active at Silab  •  Innospec Attains Cosmetic GMP Certification  •  Herbalife Clears Another Legal Hurdle  •  Mary Kay Picks Location for New R&D Center
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The Grayson Report

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A Peak in the Trend Box
January 7, 2009
In our November column we introduced the concept of a Trend Box wherein you put your prognostications for the coming year into a box, adjust your marketing plans according to your predictions, and then open the box every so often to see how you&rsquo…  Read More »
A New Role for the CMO? The Candidate as a Brand
Suzanne and Bob Grayson , Grayson Associates
November 7, 2008
The recently-concluded U.S. presidential campaign—at press time the election had not taken place—roiled on for two years at a cost of more than $1 billion. Had the campaigns been peopled with marketing advisors, rather than the standard p…  Read More »
Brand Proliferation, Too Much of a Good Thing?
Suzanne and Bob Grayson, Grayson Associates
July 1, 2008
In our last column we discussed the proliferation of SKUs for two of P&G’s brands; Tide, with 87, and Olay, with 117. How far we have come! Back when we started our marketing careers, it was an anathema to extend a brand for fear of dilutin…  Read More »
Make Your Marketing Customer-Centric
Suzanne and Bob Grayson
April 30, 2008
We recently read a book called Rules to Break & Laws to Follow by Don Peppers and Martha Rogers. They vaulted to fame with a book titled, The One to One Future, giving fresh insights into customer relationship management. Their new book include…  Read More »
New Beauty: A new pace for beauty
Suzanne and Bob Grayson, Grayson Associates
February 29, 2008
Magazine & Retail Store Set a New Pace for Beauty  Read More »
Make Your Advertising Work Harder for You
Bob and Suzanne Grayson, Grayson Associates
December 28, 2007
In two previous columns (July and November ’07), we started listing the “rules” for creating more effective advertising. The first was to create excitement. Give the viewer something to raise the level of interest. Nothing is quite…  Read More »
What Makes Good Advertising So Good?
Suzanne and Bob Grayson
October 31, 2007
Back in July, we began a series of 10 Rules for Good Advertising. The first was to establish some emotion-connection with the viewer. This one is designed to tap into the consumer’s psyche to create an important sense of “they’re on…  Read More »
Get a New Attitude!
Suzanne and Bob Grayson, Grayson Associates
September 5, 2007
Attitude, essentially defining the way a marketer looks and presents itself to its target market, is an expression of brand image because it believes that is the identification aspiration of its target market. If that sounds like circular reasoning,…  Read More »
What Closes a Sale? It’s More than an Ad!
July 6, 2007
The  less noteworthy the product, the more Permission to Buy comes into play. Our March 2007 column introduced a term we called permission to buy, as an adjunct to the pretty basic requirement for an effective ad—Permission to Believe. &nb…  Read More »
Consumers May Finally Grow Old Gracefully
Bob & Suzanne Grayson , Grayson Associates
April 27, 2007
But the market is split between pro-age and anti-age proponents.   Read More »
The Growing Importance of ‘Permission to Buy’
Suzanne and Bob Grayson , Grayson Associates
March 5, 2007
Readers of this column have long been subjected to our insistence to include permission to believe (claims/promises) as part of any company or product message. Permission to believe is wrapped around the product and its positioning. We would now like…  Read More »
Potential & Pitfalls Prevail in China
Suzanne and Bob Grayson
January 3, 2007
Every marketer is salivating at the bonanza of opportunities within the Asian market, especially China. After all, where in the world—only in fast-developing countries—might you ever see high double digit gains plus, again? But as many of…  Read More »
New Product Positioning Is a Most Important Tool
October 31, 2006
The traditional marketing mix—pricing, advertising, promotion, packaging, distribution, selling, servicing and product—as developed by Neil Borden 60 years ago, did not consider product positioning as one of the key creative tools that th…  Read More »
Bob & Suzanne Grayson
September 6, 2006
As long-time readers of this column know, we concentrate on various parts of the marketing mix in our discussions of products and brands. Our main thrust is on how brands use or do not use, positioning, product benefits, communication of concepts (ad…  Read More »
Costco and Cosmetics: A Marriage in Mass?
July 7, 2006
Suzanne and Bob Grayson Grayson Associates Suzanne and Bob Grayson are respected, professional marketers, having spent their careers with the leading companies in the beauty industry before staring their successful con…  Read More »