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current issue November 2015
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Human Capital Management

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December 1, 2011
Creating the right image about yourself for career purposes used to be easy. Now the internet is creating its own world—a virtual world—that makes it tougher to maintain a high quality individual image, one that always ensures that you…  Read More »
Patrick B. Ropella, President, Ropella
October 18, 2011
To ensure that you get the right hire, it takes more than simply putting your hiring team in place. In fact, that is only a starting point. Once the hiring team is selected, it is necessary to align the hiring team members in terms of responsibilitie…  Read More »
Patrick Ropella, President, Ropella
August 11, 2011
Making sure that your company hires the right person is better accomplished when your hiring team is properly prepared and aligned for it. Failure to do so causes you to get the wrong people, reduces your company's effectiveness, and requires c…  Read More »
June 16, 2011
Motivation Secrets   Read More »
Patrick B. Ropella, President, Ropella
April 5, 2011
Research shows that 27% of people who leave an organization leave within the first 90 days of employment, and 50% of employees leave within the first year of employment. This is the time when the candidate looks around at all of the new faces and thi…  Read More »
Visionary Leadership Is a Global Need
Patrick B. Ropella, President, Ropella
February 17, 2011
Global terrorism. The continued manufacturing shift to China. An anemic economic recovery in the U.S. Wherever you look, you see problems. You see trends and events that can have significant impacts on your business. You see risks…and you&rs…  Read More »
Patrick B. Ropella, President, Ropella
November 23, 2010
Have you ever narrowed a list of viable candidates down to one finalist who is the perfect fit for your organization, only to have that candidate say, “Hey, wait a minute! What about my vacation? What about a bonus? And what about the cost of b…  Read More »
Patrick B. Ropella, President, Ropella
October 1, 2010
Getting yourself and your organization prepared to conduct interviews is an important process. Anything you can do to make candidates more comfortable during the interview has real value.If your organization takes the steps necessary to make your can…  Read More »
Getting Behind the Mask: Ways To Evaluate Candidates
Patrick B. Ropella, President, Ropella
August 3, 2010
Getting Behind the Mask: Ways To Evaluate Candidates  Read More »
Get a Better Understanding Of the Screening Process
May 28, 2010
It’s hard to hide unprepared, unqualified interviewers. They bring little value to the interview process, and as a result, stick out like a sore thumb. What can be done at your organization to ensure those on your selection teams conduct the be…  Read More »
Patrick B. Ropella, Ropella
March 31, 2010
You should constantly be looking for quality talent. Expecting the right person to quickly find you at the moment you need them—especially among a mountain of competing ads and opportunities—is a huge gamble. When positions open at your o…  Read More »
Patrick B. Ropella, President, Ropella
February 4, 2010
Your organization currently has an “employment brand” whether you realize it or not. Your employment brand is felt and perceived by your employees and new hires from the moment they hear your organization’s name until the day they l…  Read More »
Patrick B. Ropella, President, Ropella
November 25, 2009
Hiring and retaining top talent isn’t easy. Many organizations don’t realize that good marketing is as important as providing a good job, benefits and compensation. Good marketing starts with investing the time necessary to fully understa…  Read More »
Get SMART: Prepare Before Making a Hiring Decision
Patrick B. Ropella, President, Ropella
October 5, 2009
No general would go into battle without a battle plan. In fact, much planning goes into developing strategies that prepare troops to respond tactically to the opposing army’s reactions. These strategies and tactics ensure that the general&rsquo…  Read More »
Patrick B. Ropella, President, Ropella
June 9, 2009
Economists may continue to forecast highs and lows in the chemical industry, but one thing is for certain: continued globalization means intense competition in all aspects of the market. In a hyper-competitive industry where strict regulations and co…  Read More »