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Human Capital Management

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Patrick B. Ropella, Ropella & Associates
March 31, 2009
A common adage states that people don’t fail organizations—organizations fail people. The reality is that for most, failure is a direct consequence of the work environment, and has little to do with the capabilities of the individual. Ca…  Read More »
Patrick B. Ropella, President, Ropella
February 5, 2009
If you’re a CEO, VP, manager, supervisor or any other entity in the chemical industry responsible for managing employee satisfaction and driving results, ERM is a term you need to be familiar with.          Em…  Read More »
Patrick B. Ropella, President, Ropella
December 1, 2008
Can your recruiting strategy handle the shift from kiddie ride to thrill ride?     Traditionally, economic cycles have swung like a pendulum. As a result, recruiting peaks and valleys have been relatively predictable. Your company has…  Read More »
Try These Unusual Tactics on Your Next Interviewee
Patrick B. Ropella, President, Ropella
September 30, 2008
Try These Unusual Tactics on Your Next Interviewee  Read More »
August 4, 2008
With the Olympics here, it’s time to test your memory.  Think for a moment about the finest team you’ve ever been a part of:     • One that performed exceptionally well;     • One that improved…  Read More »
Preparing for Growth
June 2, 2008
During the past few years,  chemical companies have enjoyed tremendous output and high margins as prices have reached 10-year highs. Yet, with increasing international competition, escalating energy costs and product commoditization, it’s…  Read More »
Motivating Tech Professionals
Patrick B. Ropella, Ropella & Associates
March 28, 2008
Tech Professionals Require Motivational Management  Read More »
Take Control of the Team to Keep Peace in the Office
Patrick B. Ropella, Ropella & Associates
February 6, 2008
Ahhhh, workplace divas…always expecting the rest of us to cater to their every whim. And slackers, well, who doesn’t just love them? Constantly shirking responsibility and making excuses. Of course, let’s not forget those ever-resp…  Read More »
November 29, 2007
Tight budgets. Accountability for results. Corporate politics. Employee retention woes. Litigation concerns. Does the mere mention of these stressors accelerate your heart rate? If so, you must be in a leadership position—a manager, a key execu…  Read More »
July 31, 2007
Was it a multi-million dollar mistake? Maybe it was more. And sadly, as the head of an executive search firm, I see it all too often. What I’m referring to is when employers hire a resume rather than a person. They bring in a candidate with exc…  Read More »
Patrick B. Ropella, Ropella & Associates
May 29, 2007
Successful Negotiations Require Some Compromise  Read More »
Patrick B. Ropella, Ropella & Associates
April 3, 2007
Do you feel stressed? Chances are, if you’re an executive or manager in the chemical or allied industries, the answer is a resounding “yes!” Companies in these industries are not only exposed to common workplace stressors such as of…  Read More »
The real cost of employee vacancies
Patrick B. Ropella, Ropella & Associates
February 6, 2007
Calculating the Real Cost of Employee Vacancies  Read More »