• Making Sense of Fragrance Trends in Latin America

    Daniela Ferreira, Correspondent February 3, 2016
    Suppliers to the fine fragrance industry came together in Brazil to sponsor the International Perfumery Congress (IPC), which was held in São Paulo late last year. The Congress looked at the future of perfumery in Brazil and was sponsored by f…

  • Plenty of Room to Grow In Brazilian Hair Care

    Daniela Ferreira, Correspondent December 2, 2015
    Hair care is, of course, a growing business. The global hair care category grew 18.7% from 2009 to 2014 to top $76.8 billion, according to Euromonitor International. The gains were even more pronounced in Latin America, where sales surged nearly 40%…

  • What Do Companies Mean When They Say ‘Green?’

    Daniela Ferreira, Correspondent July 1, 2015
    Sustainable, non-GMO, all-natural, organic—the terms appear across product categories. There’s no doubt that the world’s getting greener, and natural products within the personal care space are gaining in importance among consumers…

  • Avon Remains the Dominant Player in Color Cosmetics

    Daniela Ferreira, Correspondent May 1, 2015
    During the past decade, Brazil has climbed to lofty height in the global color cosmetics industry. In 2008, Brazil was the No. 6 makeup market in the world; by the end of 2014, it had reached the No. 3 spot by growing more than 50% between 2009 and 2…

  • Body of Evidence

    Daniela Ferreira, Correspondent January 6, 2015
    Like in so many other countries, skin care is the largest segment within the Brazilian cosmetics, toiletries and fragrance industry, according to ABIHPEC (the Brazilian Association of the Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Industry). Body care sales ha…

  • Brazilians Flock to In-Cosmetics

    Daniela Ferreira, Correspondent November 3, 2014
    In-Cosmetics made in-roads into Latin America earlier this year, when the beauty event took place Sept. 9 and 10 in São Paulo. According to the organizers, In-Cosmetics welcomed more than 2,400 visitors—90% of which came from host countr…

  • Fashion Drives Hair Color and Styling Market in Latin America

    Fashion Drives Hair Color and Styling Market in Latin America

    Daniela Ferreira, Correspondent August 1, 2014
    Whether women are looking to hide their gray, add a dash of color or tame unruly flyaways, demand for hair colorants and styling products is on the rise throughout Latin America, according to analysts. Brazil, Mexico and Argentina are the three large…

  • Why Brazil’s Still on Top of the Fragrance World

    Daniela Ferreira, Correspondent June 2, 2014
    Fragrance is big business in Latin America, especially in Brazil, which is the No. 1 market for scents in the world. With annual sales of about $7 billion, Brazil accounts for more than 15% of global fragrance sales. In Latin America, Brazil represen…

  • Beauty is a Natural Throughout Brazil

    Daniela Ferreira, Correspondent March 5, 2014
    The Brazilian people have more awareness about environmental issues than consumers in other countries—and now there’s data to prove it! According to the results of a recent study by the Union for Ethical Bio Trade (UBET), 96% of Brazilian…

  • Brazil Dominates Hair Care In Latin America

    Daniela Ferreira, Correspondent January 1, 2014
    Even among the Big 3, Brazil dominates the hair care market. According to Euromonitor, Brazil, Mexico and Argentina are the three largest hair care markets in Latin America, with 2012 sales of $5.9 billion, $2.3 billion and $1.1 billion, respectively…

  • Man Power Is Driving Sales Throughout Latin America

    Man Power Is Driving Sales Throughout Latin America

    Daniela Ferreira, Correspondent November 4, 2013
    The growing vanity of Latin American men is moving the male grooming market in the region. More guys are taking care of their skin, hair and body, which is evident in statistics provided by Euromonitor International. During the past five years, sales…

  • What’s Driving Latin America’s Anti-Aging Market?

    What’s Driving Latin America’s Anti-Aging Market?

    Daniela Ferreira, Correspondent September 4, 2013
    Demand for anti-aging products is strong the world over, but gains are particularly buoyant in Latin America. According to Euromonitor International, global anti-aging product sales grew 44.5% during the past five years (2007-2012). Sales in China an…

  • Skin Care Sales Flourish Throughout Latin America

    Skin Care Sales Flourish Throughout Latin America

    Daniela Ferreira, Correspondent July 17, 2013
    Whether it’s to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, whiten skin or protect against UV radiation, skin care is an important concern of people around the world. Regardless if it’s a department store counter in Canada, a supermarket in Urugua…

  • Competition Is Fierce In Brazilian Beauty

    Daniela Ferreira, Correspondent May 3, 2013
    During the past 15 years, Brazil’s personal hygiene, perfumery and cosmetics sector sextupled to R$34 billion ($16.8 billion). In that time, Brazil became the world’s No. 1 market in fragrance, deodorant and children’s toiletries; t…