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current issue October 2014
 •  L'OrĂ©al USA To Buy Carol's Daughter  •  Industry Remembers Oscar de la Renta  •  Dr. Bronner's Major Ad Buy  •  Brilliant Group Opens California Facility  •  Satisfaction with Household Products Drops in Annual Survey
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Lucky Break
Christine Esposito, Associate Editor
April 26, 2012
This wipe goes where hands can't and solves an itchy, smelly problem that plagues millions of injured Americans every year.  Read More »
Where Theres Wella, Theres A Way
Melissa Meisel, Associate Editor
April 24, 2012
Wella Professionals experts predict 2012's top hair trends.   Read More »
Family Secret
April 17, 2012
Happi chats with an up & coming ethnic skin care brand.  Read More »
The Dish on Dish Detergent
Christine Esposito, Associate Editor
April 3, 2012
In the billion-dollar dish detergent category, new launches tackle concerns that stem from phosphate-free formulations, care for the appliance and make it easier for those who are still going about it the old fashioned way.  Read More »
Not Your Mothers Multiplies in Mass Market
Melissa Meisel, Associate Editor
April 2, 2012
Hair care brand adds nearly 7,500 new retail outlets in 2012.   Read More »
Nancy Jeffries, Contributing Editor
March 30, 2012
Designers, perfumers and entrepreneurs detail their passion for the art of perfumery.  Read More »
Hitting the Nail on the Head
Melissa Meisel, Associate Editor
March 30, 2012
Mother and son duo carve niche in illustrious nail lacquer sector.   Read More »
Yankee Candle CEO Goes
Melissa Meisel, Associate Editor
March 29, 2012
Harlan Kent of Yankee Candle stars on 'Undercover Boss' reality show.  Read More »
Fall for Fashion II
Melissa Meisel, Associate Editor
March 16, 2012
Illustrious nail color and innovative hairstyles seen at Fall 2012 Fashion Week.  Read More »
Fall for Fashion
Melissa Meisel, Associate Editor
March 6, 2012
Check out what's next in beauty trends.  Read More »
By Word of Mouth
Christine Esposito, Associate Editor
March 5, 2012
Orabrush, which has a new foaming product to complement its tongue-cleaning device, is expanding its presence by leaps and bounds thanks to an amazing online following.  Read More »
Evaluating Sunscreen Spray Polymers
Olga V. Dueva-Koganov, Michael Russell, Steven Micceri and Artyom Duev, AkzoNobel Surface Chemistry LLC, Ossining, NY and Bridgewater, NJ, USA
March 5, 2012
Static and dynamic contact angle measurements in vitro can be utilized to evaluate the efficacy of sunscreen films to prevent water from reaching the substrate surface and reduce TEWL  Read More »
Beauty Fades Or Does It?
Melissa Meisel, Associate Editor
March 5, 2012
Nouveau Contour markets permanent makeup pigments.  Read More »
Baby Steps
Melissa Meisel, Associate Editor
March 5, 2012
New spa line targets different needs during youngsters' years.  Read More »
Cold Cream
Tom Branna, Editorial Director
February 8, 2012
For Oksana Panasenko, founder of Dairyface skin care products, it's not enough to use fresh, natural ingredients' products must be refrigerated too!  Read More »