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current issue November 2015
 •  The Laundress Opens Flagship Store  •  New Anti-Aging Active at Silab  •  Innospec Attains Cosmetic GMP Certification  •  Herbalife Clears Another Legal Hurdle  •  Mary Kay Picks Location for New R&D Center
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A Foothold in Foot Care
Christine Esposito, Associate Editor
September 22, 2015
Treating feet right is the heart and soul of one Brooklyn-based company.  Read More »
Arctic Elements
Melissa Meisel, Associate Editor
September 21, 2015
The Lumene skin care line is powered by distinctive ingredients.  Read More »
A New Kind of Hero
Tom Branna, Editorial Director
September 14, 2015
An upstart household product company puts a new spin on the idea of home cleaning.  Read More »
Old World Charm
Melissa Meisel, Associate Editor
September 14, 2015
San Francisco proprietor launches new line based on classic principles.  Read More »
SK-II to the Rescue
September 8, 2015
A new formula targets microRNA, which a P&G researcher insists plays a key role in skin aging.  Read More »
A Panoramic View
Jeremy Kerstetter, Assistant Editor
September 7, 2015
ZSS takes a 360° approach to skin health.  Read More »
Jeremy Kerstetter, Associate Editor
August 31, 2015
AlureVé relies on pharmaceutical technology for its anti-aging skin care line.   Read More »
A Brand of Its Own
Christine Esposito, Associate Editor
August 24, 2015
Amyris creates its own skin care solution for consumers.   Read More »
Argan with Everything
Melissa Meisel, Associate Editor
August 24, 2015
Lucia Bay launches its own version of a certified-organic argan oil for men.  Read More »
Triple Threat to Acne
Melissa Meisel, Associate Editor
August 17, 2015
Envy adds third generation SilkPeel.  Read More »
Eye on Korea
August 17, 2015
At the Personal Care Conference in Shanghai there was distinct emphasis on beauty ideas from Korea.  Read More »
No Coasting Here
August 12, 2015
A Q&A with Coast Southwest CEO Joseph Cimo.  Read More »
Pearly Whites
Christine Esposito, Associate Editor
August 10, 2015
Luster is in the business of beauty—by way of brushing.  Read More »
Game Face
Christine Esposito, Associate Editor
August 3, 2015
Meet the team behind Sweat Cosmetics, a new line of makeup built for more than a walk in the park.  Read More »
PODCAST: Stuart J. Straus, CEO, Sun & Skin Care Research
July 28, 2015
Straus discusses current sun care season, and provides a sneak peak at what's coming in 2016.   Read More »