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current issue November 2015
 •  The Laundress Opens Flagship Store  •  New Anti-Aging Active at Silab  •  Innospec Attains Cosmetic GMP Certification  •  Herbalife Clears Another Legal Hurdle  •  Mary Kay Picks Location for New R&D Center
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A Strategic Point Of View

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Colin Hession, Colin Hession Consulting
May 3, 2011
Major changes are afoot in terms of how prestige cosmetics, skin care and fragrances will be sold in the future. On both sides of the Atlantic, existing retailers are busy trying out all sorts of new configurations. In Europe, department stores d…  Read More »
Tesco Trials Salons In Two UK Centers
Colin Hession, Colin Hession Consulting
March 11, 2011
It may not seem a big deal to those who don’t follow the beauty salon industry, but we think Tesco’s recent decision to trial its own in-house hairdressing salons in two major centers in the UK is indeed a potentially big deal. In the w…  Read More »
January 7, 2011
ACCORDING TO FOLKLORE in this beauty business of ours, there are a number of different indicators as to whether things are on the up—in terms of popular economics—or whether more doom and gloom is just around round the corner. Leonard Lau…  Read More »
P&G Issues a Storm Warning For Men’s Grooming Market
Colin Hession, Colin Hession Consulting
November 4, 2010
For our readers involved in the men's market, male grooming and the like, we hope that you have taken note of the hurricane warning which has been issued by P&G of late, namely, Hurricane Gillette. Back in mid-2009 the W…  Read More »
Reckitt Benckiser Buys SSL With Implications for C&D
September 7, 2010
It seems that giant Reckitt Benckiser is on a winning streak. Having turned in consistently encouraging results over the past year, quarter by quarter, the UK-based company, with total sales in excess of $12.4 billion and brands ranging from Lysol to…  Read More »
The Hunt for White Space
Colin Hession, Colin Hession Consulting
July 8, 2010
We touched on the idea of so-called “white space” back in May (see Happi, May 2010), when discussing the growth aspirations of L’Oréal. By white space, we mean areas where a manufacturer is under represented or not present at…  Read More »
L’Oréal Begins Its Quest for 1B New Consumers
Colin Hession, Colin Hession Consulting
April 29, 2010
There is a wealth of opportunityin today’s beauty market, accordingto L’Oréal. Earlier this year, L’Oréal chief executive officer Jean-Paul Agon made a bold statement when talking to financial analy…  Read More »
Hard Times for Prestige
Colin Hession, Colin Hession Consulting
March 9, 2010
Sometimes there is so much industry discussion on a particular topic that you almost don’t need to see the hard numbers in order to grasp the story. But equally, when you do get the figures, it serves to put the issue into perspective. Such was…  Read More »
Watsons Hits a Milestone with 500 Stores in China
Colin Hession, Colin Hession Consulting
January 4, 2010
In November, Hong Kong-based Watsons Group opened a Watsons’ Your Personal Store in Shanghai, marking the chain's 500th location in mainland China. The company stated that the opening was a significant landmark in the group's two-year p…  Read More »