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current issue August 2015
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Sunscreen Filter

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Nadim Shaath, Alpha Research & Development Ltd
June 1, 2015
Recent developments with the FDA and the Sunscreen Innovation Act (SIA) have cast a shadow on the filter approval process in the US. In case you missed it, the FDA has basically rejected the call to speed up the approvals of the Time and Extent Appli…  Read More »
Nadim Shaath, Alpha Research & Development Ltd
April 1, 2015
The FDA has decided to move the goal post. It has declared that to approve a new UV filter you must surpass the requirements of a New Drug Application (NDA).  The new hurdle set by the FDA is that all such ingredients must pass the stringent req…  Read More »
Nadim Shaath, Alpha Research & Development Ltd
February 6, 2015
Sunscreens have been in the headlines recently. We start the New Year with an act of Congress, The Sunscreen Innovation Act (SIA), which was just signed by President Obama into law in November. Its implications will be debated extensively in the futu…  Read More »
Nadim Shaath, Alpha Research & Development Ltd
December 5, 2014
President Obama had the Sunscreen Innovation Act (SIA) on his desk before Thanksgiving week.1 Time to give thanks and celebrate. His signature has the potential to protect a needlessly at- risk population from sun damage. The Senate passed the SIA on…  Read More »
Formulating Sunscreens With New TEA Ingredients
Nadim Shaath, Alpha Research & Development Ltd
October 2, 2014
Now that Congress has introduced a new bipartisan bicameral bill in both the Senate (S 2141) and the House (HR 4250) entitled “The Sunscreen Innovation Act,” we expect to have a decision on the approval of the TEA (Time and Extent Applica…  Read More »
The Sunscreen Innovation Act
Nadim Shaath, Alpha Research & Development Ltd
August 1, 2014
The long and winding road to sunscreen regulation reform in the US may have gotten shorter, but we’re not home just yet. The journey started 42 years ago in 1972 when the FDA began reviewing over-the-counter products not covered by a New Drug A…  Read More »
Nadim Shaath, Alpha Research & Development Ltd
May 2, 2014
In the April column of The Sunscreen Filter (p. 46) I described the ever-expanding problem of air pollution and its effect on human health in general and the skin in particular. Air pollutants were classified as primary or secondary and methods for q…  Read More »
Air Pollution and Its Impact on Skin
Nadim Shaath, Alpha Research & Development Ltd
April 1, 2014
Exposure to the elements is of paramount interest to the cosmetics and cosmeceutical industry. Sun and air pollution, both indoor and outdoor, deserves closer inspection. The subject of air pollution and its effect on the skin in particular warrants…  Read More »
Nadim Shaath, Alpha Research & Development Ltd
January 1, 2014
As we celebrate 50 years of sun care developments in the US, we pause to reflect on our accomplishments as well as our disappointments. There have been both innovations and delays in sun protection. Tom Branna, editor of Happi, has already written an…  Read More »
Australian Study Confirms that Sunscreens Save Lives
Nadim Shaath, Alpha Research & Development Ltd
November 4, 2013
The view from Egypt, land of the sun, is dim. The killing of protesters is senseless. Here I am, in Cairo, in the middle of the so-called Arab Spring, writing about skin cancer while dodging demonstrations that are turning deadly! It is difficult to…  Read More »
A Forum for Sunscreen: Debating Better Protection
Nadim Shaath
September 4, 2013
Vital issues confronting the sun care market in the US will be discussed at a round table panel discussion during this month’s Sunscreen Symposium by the Florida Chapter of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists.1 It is the third time such a forum ha…  Read More »
We’re Right in the Middle of a Busy Sunscreen Season
Nadim Shaath, Alpha Research & Development Ltd
July 10, 2013
Much of the country endured record-setting cold this past winter and rain this spring. No wonder, then, that many consumers will try to spend as much time outside as possible this summer, which unofficially began in May in the US. May, which also hap…  Read More »
Nadim Shaath, Alpha Research & Development Ltd
May 3, 2013
The US has fallen behind in the adoption of sun care ingredients that are actively in use in other countries. What are the reasons for this lag? Recently, I was invited to participate in a coalition that endeavors to improve the regulatory pathway fo…  Read More »
The Evolution of Sun Care: Antioxidant Protection
Nadim Shaath
March 13, 2013
Sun care products have evolved extensively during the past four decades. In the 1970s and 1980s, an effective sunscreen was one that blocked burning UVB rays and permitted so-called healthy UVA rays to go through the skin. The emphasis was on pro…  Read More »
Final Rule for Sunscreens Is now in effect
Nadim Shaath
January 24, 2013
The first ever sunscreen Final Rule in the US went into effect last month. According to the US Food and Drug Administration, sunscreen products marketed under the OTC Monograph System, the compliance date for products with sales of $25,000 or more…  Read More »