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current issue September 2014
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Supplier's Corner

November 30, 2009
BASF Beauty Care Presents Hyalufix GL After screening more than 500 plant extracts, the BASF Beauty Care Solutions laboratory discovered a cosmetic active ingredient that is capable of specifically stimulating hyaluronan synthase-2 (HAS-2), the…  Read More »
November 9, 2009
Evonik Debuts New Silicones for Skin, Hair Evonik presented two new silicones for skin and hair care as well as a new PEG-free thickening agent at SEPAWA 2009. Abil Care XL 80 is a novel, silicone-based, oil-in-water emulsifier that provides an…  Read More »
October 6, 2009
EMD Rolls Out UV Filtering Ingredients EMD Chemicals recently introduced Eusolex UV-Pearls B-O, a new version of encapsulated avobenzone for the water phase. Formed with a unique micro-encapsulation system that entraps the organic UV filters and…  Read More »
September 4, 2009
Sederma Rolls Out Idealift for Aging Skin With age, the effects of gravity on the skin becomes visible. To fight against this phenomenon and to help women look younger, Sederma has developed Idealift, which contains a specific lipodipeptide.…  Read More »
August 5, 2009
WWP Offers Tinted Moisturizer/Foundation World Wide Packaging, LLC, (WWP), a provider of cosmetic filling and packaging solutions, recently rolled out an illuminating tinted moisturizer. According to the company, the new moisturizer combines the…  Read More »
July 8, 2009
Rahn Launches Celligent for Cell, DNA Protection Rahn has introduced Celligent, which protects the DNA and supports the repair of UV-induced cell damage. Three active principles are interlocked: ethyl ferulate, a natural antioxidant with UV abso…  Read More »
June 9, 2009
HallStar Introduces Sunscreen Photostabilizer The HallStar Company, a Chicago-based specialty chemistry supplier, released a groundbreaking new ingredient that can improve the performance of all types of sun protection products, according to the…  Read More »
May 4, 2009
Mibelle Debuts Spot Solution Delentigo, the latest ingredient developed by Mibelle Biochemistry, treats age spots or uneven skin tone, shaded areas formed by a local overproduction of the two pigments, melanin and lipofuscin. In a clinical trial…  Read More »
April 1, 2009
UV Absorber for Hair Is Launched by Croda UV protection for the hair is one of the fastest growing trends for new hair care products, as consumers have become more educated about the damage the sun can inflict on hair as well as skin. New produc…  Read More »
March 3, 2009
Chemsil Offers Silicones for Delivery Systems Chemsil Silicone Inc.’s extensive line of unique personal care raw materials include silicones that are functional as delivery systems for hair care, skin care and sun care applications. Sp…  Read More »
February 9, 2009
Sabinsa’s Probiotic Receives GRAS Status LactoSpore, a room-temperature stable probiotic (Bacillus coagulans) from Sabinsa, was affirmed GRAS (generally recognized as safe) by an independent scientific panel assembled by Soni & Associa…  Read More »
January 8, 2009
Sederma Introduces Anti-Cellulite Active Sederma has developed Phytosonic, a product designed to combat hypertrophy of adipose tissue by acting on pre-adipocytes and mature adipocytes. The vegetal material is derived from the new anti-fat techno…  Read More »
December 8, 2008
Laboratoires Serobiologiques has introduced Skinasensyl, a pure tetrapeptide with an innovative and targeted mechanism especially designed for people with sensitive skin. By focusing on one specific parameter—the painful sensation experienced b…  Read More »
December 8, 2008
SiClone SR-5, a new, patent-pending ingredient from Presperse, is indistinguishable from cyclomethicone in formulations, yet is 100% silicone-free. According to Presperse, it is the first replacement product that gives the volatility, slip and cushio…  Read More »
December 8, 2008
Symrise has published two genealogies covering body care and sun care products. The genealogies provide the global fragrance and cosmetics industry with a detailed overview of existing products, new releases and trends on the market. Like the company…  Read More »