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current issue September 2015
 •  Clariant Expands EcoTain Offerings for Personal Care  •  Personnel Appointments at Tria Beauty  •  'Can-Do' Acquisition in Auto Air Care  •  Pilot Chemical Honors Former CEO  •  New Standard for Laundry Packs
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Supplier's Corner

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April 30, 2012
New Active from Silab Is Rich In Purified Alisma Peptides  Read More »
April 2, 2012
Cremer Oleo Is a Leader In Oleochemical Specialty Esters  Read More »
March 2, 2012
Calumet Launches Hybrid Petrolatum Blends  Read More »
February 13, 2012
Delivery System Highlighted at Evonik  Read More »
January 10, 2012
Mibelle Biochemistry Launches PoreAway   Read More »
December 1, 2011
Chione HD Pigments by BASF Provide Bright, Clean Color  Read More »
November 10, 2011
New Novemer EC-2 Polymer from Lubrizol  Read More »
October 6, 2011
Shin-Etsu Updates Sunscreen Toolbox  Read More »
August 29, 2011
Universal Conditioning Agent from Evonik  Read More »
August 11, 2011
Croda’s Biodegradable Conditioning Agent   Read More »
July 7, 2011
Unique Hair Care Ingredients at Unipex  Read More »
June 16, 2011
A Low-Cost Complete Conditioning Base from Inolex   Read More »
May 3, 2011
Naturex Launches New Active for Rejuvenation   Read More »
April 6, 2011
Sederma Develops Sustainable Ingredients Sederma is not only about developing natural molecules of interest for the cosmetic industry. Its newest challenge is to produce them in quantities without causing any damage to the environment. Therefo…  Read More »
March 11, 2011
Rahn Rolls Out Silhouette Refiner   Read More »