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Supplier's Corner

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July 7, 2011
Unique Hair Care Ingredients at Unipex  Read More »
June 16, 2011
A Low-Cost Complete Conditioning Base from Inolex   Read More »
May 3, 2011
Naturex Launches New Active for Rejuvenation   Read More »
April 6, 2011
Sederma Develops Sustainable Ingredients Sederma is not only about developing natural molecules of interest for the cosmetic industry. Its newest challenge is to produce them in quantities without causing any damage to the environment. Therefo…  Read More »
March 11, 2011
Rahn Rolls Out Silhouette Refiner   Read More »
February 17, 2011
Sederma Introduces Newest Member of Its Matrixyl Range   Read More »
AzkoNobel Debuts Alternative to NPE Industrial Degreasers
January 10, 2011
AzkoNobel Debuts Alternative to NPE Industrial Degreasers  Read More »
November 30, 2010
New Botanical Active Brightens the Complexion  Read More »
November 5, 2010
Collagen is Key in Silabís Latest Anti-Aging Rollout  Read More »
October 1, 2010
Rhodiasolv Infinity Ideal For I&I Formulations  Read More »
September 8, 2010
Shin-Etsu Offers Alternative To D5 Siloxanes and Derivatives  Read More »
August 3, 2010
AkzoNobel Surface Chemistry AkzoNobel Surface Chemistry has introduced a concentrated liquid surfactant product that provides an environmentally-friendly, yet equally effective cleaning alternative to heavy-duty degreasers containing high VOC pet…  Read More »
July 9, 2010
Protameen Debuts Exotic Butters Since 1969, Protameen Chemicals has serviced the ever-changing needs of the cosmetic, toiletries and personal care industries. In step with the green trend, the company presents a range of natural exotic butters ide…  Read More »
June 2, 2010
Mibelle Biochemistry Launches New Plant Stem Cell Active Alpine roses are typical Swiss flowers that grow at altitudes of up to 3,200 meters. In this extreme environment, they must adapt to conditions such as the cold, UV and dryness. PhytoCellTe…  Read More »
April 30, 2010
Rhodia Introduces Renewable Surfactant Global specialty chemicals producer Rhodia has introduced Rhodapex ESB-70 NAT, a vegetable-based sodium laureth sulfate (SLES), ideal to formulate natural and high performance shampoo, body wash, liquid han…  Read More »