Supplier's Corner

  • Symrise Introduces Actipone

    Natural phytochemicals are among the most highly sought after ingredients in cosmetics. Symrise has been working for years to supply the international cosmetics industry with a large array of innovative natural ingredients of proven efficacy. The com…

  • Chemical Compliance Systems Creates Green Analytical Device

    In response to the rising green trend, Chemical Compliance Systems presents the Green Product Compliance Analytical System (GP-CAS), a device that can complete a green analysis of a personal care product within 5-10 seconds. The GP-CAS is customizabl…

  • Evonik Extends Portfolio with Plant Extracts

    Evonik Extends Portfolio with Plant Extracts

  • Natural Sourcing Rolls Out Bolivian Pink Salt

    Natural Sourcing’s latest addition to its line of specialty salts for cosmeceutical use is Bolivian Pink Salt, available in fine and coarse grain sizes. Bolivian Pink Salt is a crystal rock salt harvested by hand from ancient rock salt beds dis…

  • Colonial Chemical Adds Microbial Inhibitor

    Colonial Chemical, Inc. of South Pittsburg, TN announced the release of a new surfactant-based microbial inhibitor. ColaServ 1000 is a synergistic blend of non-traditional, safe ingredients designed to inhibit the growth of invasive microbial organis…

  • Amerchol Introduces Conditioning Polymer

    In recognition of market trends and the need for products that provide better conditioning, Amerchol has introduced a line of conditioning polymers for hair care applications. The new polymers will be marketed under the name SoftCAT SX Polymers (I…

  • Fashion, Food and Fragrance Join Together in Ethno Trend

    Globalization has led into a merging of business and culture, and is entering into other aspects of life, according to Bell Flavors & Fragrances. In recognition of the ethno trend, Bell’s new line of personal care fragrances embraces a glob…

  • Supplier's Corner

    Natural Sourcing Rolls Out Bolivian Pink Salt Natural Sourcing’s latest addition to its line of specialty salts for cosmeceutical use is Bolivian Pink Salt, available in fine and coarse grain sizes. Bolivian Pink Salt is a crystal rock sal…

  • AccuScrub Line Has New Colors

    Honeywell, the global marketer outside of the NAFTA region for Accutech LLC’s Accuscrub product line, recently introduced an expanded color palette of the Accuscrub line. Working closely with its partner Accutech LLC of Clinton, TN, Honeywell e…

  • DuPont Tate, Lyle Partner with Terra Naturals

    The DuPont Tate & Lyle Bio Products announced that it is providing its Zemea renewably-sourced propanediol (Bio-PDO) product to Terra Naturals Inc., a personal care company, that has developed a line of natural deodorants that are corn-based, alu…

  • Tri-K, Kemira Present Nanogel

    Nanogel is the latest creation from Tri-K Industries and Kemira. With NanoGel, formulators can achieve a full range of products using one basic formulation and a simple mixer. It also offers enhanced skin protection and penetration of actives, and an…

  • Pentapharm Introduces Treatment for Oily Skin

    Pentapharm recently rolled out Alpaflor Alp Sebum, a new Ecocert- certified Alpine treatment that reduces sebum production as well as the size of pores. According to the company, it has developed a unique approach with Alpaflor. This product range is…

  • Symrise Launches Plant-Based Hair and Skin Conditioners

    Symrise introduced active ingredients Hydromoist L and Hydromoist O. Both new agents are plant-based peptide solutions obtained via enzymatic hydrolysis of either lupine proteins (Hydromoist L) or oat proteins (Hydromoist O). Because the ingredien…

  • Silab Introduces Mediacalm

    Silab recently launched Mediacalm, a neurocosmetic soothing ingredient for irritated, sensitive skin. Obtained from boerhavia diffusa, an Indian plant renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties, Mediacalm gives the consumer regenerated and moistur…

  • Cognis Goes Green with Guides

    As consumers are increasingly concerned with environmental, safety, societal and personal well-being impacts of products they buy, the market for “green” solutions in the personal and home segments is growing rapidly. For manufacturers ai…

  • Inolex Launches New Conditioning Technologies

    Inolex Chemical Company rolled out two new conditioning technologies: Kerazyne and ProCondition 22. Kerazyne is a patented, novel polymeric conditioning additive that reduces static charge and improves combability. This polyesteramine imparts the emo…

  • J&E Sozio Now Certified Organic

    J. & E. Sozio, Inc. announced that the company is now a QAI-certified manufacturer of organic fragrance oils and organic fragrance blends. QAI is accredited as an organic certifier by the USDA. This certification confirms that our organic fragra…

  • DeWolf Chemical Goes Green

    In response to customer demand, DeWolf Chemical, Inc. has stepped up efforts to serve clients through the use of environmentally-friendly (or “green”) practices. Always at the forefront of quality production and top-notch customer service…

  • AccuScrub Line Has New Colors

    AccuScrub Line Has New Colors

  • TRI-K Rolls Out 30 Scented Extracts

    TRI-K Industries announced the introduction of TRI-K Scented Extracts, a full line of all natural, aromatic ingredients for cosmetic and personal care products. TRI-K Scented Extracts are touted as high-quality, natural extracts that meet formulators…