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    April 27, 2007
    Pentapharm Launches Syn-Tacks

  • Bell Develops Exotic Fruit Scents for Personal Care

    April 11, 2007
    Bell Flavors & Fragrances has incorporated the stimulating scent of exotic fruits into personal care products. Prototypes of body washes and lotions have been created that feature the aromas of the acai berry, lulo, goji berry and mangosteen.…

  • U.S. Cosmetics Corporation Introduces Two New Products

    April 11, 2007
    U.S. Cosmetics Corp., Dayville, CT has launched two new products from Ichimaru Pharcos Corporation, Gifu, Japan. Biobenefity (cynara scolymus (artichoke) leaf extract), works against photo-aging of skin by inhibiting transcription of NF-Kappa B. Faci…

  • Arch Develops New Active and Natural Foaming Peptide

    April 11, 2007
    A new natural foaming peptide based on organic amaranth, Amaranth S. is a gluten-free grain offering a high nutritional value and a better amino acid profile than whole milk. It is intended for use in formulations marketed as natural, and is particu…

  • Cognis Introduces Several New Products at PCIA

    April 11, 2007
    Cognis and its subsidiary Laboratoires Sérobiologiques showcased a broad portfolio of cosmetic materials at Personal Care Ingredients Asia, which was held March 14-16 in Guangzhou, China. Some of these products included high-performing solubil…

  • A Natural Protein for Personal Care

    April 11, 2007
    CBC America has launched Kobayashi Zein DP, a natural functional protein extracted from corn. The pale yellow powder has good fluidity and is soluble in aqueous ethanol. It creates a clear film that has good adhesion, compression and cohesive strengt…

  • Pomegranate Seed Oil for Cosmeceuticals

    April 11, 2007
    Natural Sourcing, LLC has introduced cold-pressed pomegranate seed oil [INCI: Punica granatum linn (pomegranate) oil] to its line of nutritive vegetable oils for cosmeceutical use. Pomegranate seed oil has a remarkable ability to nourish, moisturize…

  • DSM Nutritional Products Launches BeauActive MTP

    April 11, 2007
    DSM Nutritional Products has introduced BeauActive MTP, which combines a natural raw material and DSM’s leading enzyme technology. It is a breakthrough in peptide design that opens new possibilities for cosmetic skin care products. BeauActive…

  • Silab Introduces Pro-Sveltyl

    April 11, 2007
    Derived from the Nelumbo nucifera, known as the Sacred Lotus, Silab launches Pro-Sveltyl, an ultra-powerful active ingredient with anti-cellulite and draining effects. It reduces fat storage by activating lipolysis and boosting the synthesis of SIRT-…

  • Dow Corning Aerogels Provide Soft-Focus Effect

    April 11, 2007
    New studies demonstrate that in addition to their ability to absorb oil and modify rheology, Dow Corning silica silylate aerogel materials generate a soft-focus effect. The significant in vitro soft focus effect of these materials is an expression of…

  • Novel Exfoliation Cloth Cleans Skin Better

    April 11, 2007
    The Evolon II series of exfoliation cloths will out-perform all other media, according to Beauty Cloth International (BCI). Evolon II is a 70/30 polyester/nylon blend and is billed as being “chemical-free” and hypoallergenic. According to…

  • BioChemica Introduces New Line of Exotic Butters

    April 11, 2007
    BioChemica launched a new line of exotic extract butters which include lavender, chamomile, horsetail and lemon grass. They are made with whole dried flowers and plant stems. The butters are heat-infused with extracts utilizing a proprietary exotic b…

  • Bell Offers Exotic Fruit Scents

    April 3, 2007
    Bell Offers Exotic Fruit Scents

  • Innospecs Surfactant for Personal Care

    March 6, 2007
    Innospec has partnered with Huntsman Corporation to launch Tauranol SCMI-85 (sodium cocoyl methyl isethionate), a new surfactant for the personal care industry. Tauranol SCMI-85 provides the same mildness and foaming attributes of other Innospec i…

  • Tri-K Industries Introduces D-Gamma Tocopherol

    March 6, 2007
    The lighter side of vitamin E, gamma tocopherol, is powerful due to its antioxidant activity. Until recently, other forms of vitamin E have been largely overlooked as having less activity than alpha tocopherol, but in fact, each form has a distinct b…