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  • Actives | Skin Care
    Shooting From the (Rose)Hip

    Shooting From the (Rose)Hip

    An exclusive Q&A with Corinne Morley, in-house beauty expert with New Zealand natural skincare brand Trilogy.
    Online Exclusives04.24.17

  • Fresh Monster Is Designed for Kids

    Fresh Monster Is Designed for Kids

    Fresh Monster ($7.99) is a refreshing new take on getting kids clean. This lineup of affordable, toxin-free hair care is developed specifically for the little ones. The shampoos feature all-natural botanical extracts; plant-based cleansers; and fragr…

  • Hair Care
    Help for Up Above

    Help for Up Above

    A brand from Down Under is touting a new formulation for what’s missing on top.
    Online Exclusives Christine Esposito, Associate Editor 11.14.16

  • Skin Lightening Properties of Ascorbic Acid

    Popularly known as vitamin C in its primary form, L-ascorbic acid has a proven track record for improving the appearance of aging skin; no wonder it is the most common antioxidant ingredient in OTC skin care products. Vitamin C stimulates formation o…
    Navin M. Geria, Doctors Skin Prescription 07.01.16

  • SCC Teamworks Exhibitor List

    SCC Teamworks Exhibitor List

    Showing info for 135 booths Booth: 131 AAK 499 Thornall Street 5th Floor Edison, NJ 08837 United States John O Director, Personal Care (973) 741-5009 http://www.aakpersona…

  • Take Action

    Take Action

    Today’s skin care formulas incorporate active ingredients for anti-aging, brightening benefits.
    Melissa Meisel, Associate Editor 12.05.14

  • TCM in Cosmetics: Back to the Future

    How big of a role can Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) play in cosmetics? Many TCM experts I’ve interviewed say the potential is enormous because the materials are so effective. Proper storage of herbs is essential to their efficacy. For…
    Ally Dai 06.06.13

  • The Latest Word on Anti-Aging Actives

    The Latest Word on Anti-Aging Actives

    Today's anti-aging skin care formulas are better than ever, agree marketers and dermatologists. Yet, even as more products reach consumers, there are still many questions that must be answered.