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  • Proliferation of Ethical Labels in Cosmetics Industry

    Proliferation of Ethical Labels in Cosmetics Industry

    Amarjit Sahota, founder and president of Organic Monitor || October 5, 2015
    Not all stand for the same thing, says Sahota.

  • Eye on Korea

    Eye on Korea

    August 17, 2015
    At the Personal Care Conference in Shanghai there was distinct emphasis on beauty ideas from Korea.

  • FDA Sends Letter to Gemdo Cosmetics

    FDA Sends Letter to Gemdo Cosmetics

    April 30, 2015
    Inspection following contaminated eye products reveals issues, according to FDA.

  • Cuba & Cosmetics

    Cuba & Cosmetics

    February 27, 2015
    Recent moves by the Obama Administration gives new opportunities for companies to enter the US.

  • Revealing the Beauty Within Indonesia

    Ashley Kang, Kantar Worldpanel || October 2, 2014
    Indonesia is the next must-win market for cosmetics company executives looking to expand their brand’s consumer base. Home to the world’s fourth largest population, it has an enormous, and rapidly growing, middle class. With GDP growth of…

  • Sensient Offers An Easy Way To Color Personal Care Products

    Harvey M. Fishman, Consultant || September 4, 2013
    Sensient Cosmetic Technologies,, has a product called Color’N Cap Sil that encapsulates a dyestuff in a silica matrix. It results from a combination of silica sol-gel chemistry and a spray-drying process. The sol is…

  • Competition Is Fierce In Brazilian Beauty

    Daniela Ferreira, Correspondent || May 3, 2013
    During the past 15 years, Brazil’s personal hygiene, perfumery and cosmetics sector sextupled to R$34 billion ($16.8 billion). In that time, Brazil became the world’s No. 1 market in fragrance, deodorant and children’s toiletries; t…

  • Mighty Makeup

    Mighty Makeup

    Melissa Meisel, Associate Editor || August 1, 2012
    This season's color cosmetics are rife with rich hues, a plush feel and skin-loving benefits.

  • Cosmetics Go Green

    Cosmetics Go Green

    May 29, 2007
    Industry insiders weigh in on todays top trends in natural ingredients.