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Green Ingredients
By Tom Branna, Editorial Director
Published November 3, 2010
Marketers have their own criteria when it comes to what's green...and what isn't. And often, they develop solutions that combine the best of both science and nature. Read More »
Cleaning Up
By Christine Esposito, Associate Editor
Published November 3, 2010
Luckily for soap makers, even when the economy goes down the drain, people still get dirty. Toss in pandemic flu fears, and you�ve got yourself the perfect breeding ground for sales growth in the personal cleanser market. Read More »
Published October 28, 2010
Billed as the natural choice for fruit stains. Read More »
Published October 27, 2010
Launches professional spa size unscented scrub. Read More »
Published October 27, 2010
First national retailer to carry pre-measured pacs. Read More »
Published October 26, 2010
Analysts expect a decline in profits. Read More »
Published October 20, 2010
Succeeds Georg Baratta in Scottsdale, AZ. Read More »
Cleaning Products 2010
By Tom Branna, Editorial Director
Published October 13, 2010
Industry leaders will gather in Alexandria, VA next month to discuss the latest trends in the household cleaning category. Read More »
Published October 6, 2010
Warns that if others set guidelines on sustainability, the industry will lose out. Read More »
Published October 5, 2010
P&G's McDonald explains how to gain share while improving the lives of consumers around the world. Read More »
Published October 5, 2010
Unilever chairman looks at the new global realities Read More »
Published October 5, 2010
Sumitomo Acquires Presperse Read More »
Published October 5, 2010
P&Gs Sales Rise 3% In Fiscal 2010 Read More »
Published October 4, 2010
Detergent maker sells products at Dollar Tree. Read More »
Published October 1, 2010
CSPA Lauds Improved Chemical Regulatory Bill Read More »
Avon Picks Jacqueline Bisset For Anew Platinum Line
Published October 1, 2010
Avon Picks Jacqueline Bisset For Anew Platinum Line Read More »
Published October 1, 2010
Kao Patents Hair Cleanser Read More »
International News
Published October 1, 2010
Ecolab Wins Best Corporate Citizen Honor in China Read More »
By Christine Esposito, Associate Editor
Published September 30, 2010
Testing facilities can help firms hit their targets in today's hyper competitive environment. A directory of testing service providers can be found on page 59. Read More »
Published September 24, 2010
Bogus Tide and Ariel found in shipment from China. Read More »
Published September 17, 2010
Innovation prize for Purex and Soft Scrub products. Read More »
The Explosion in Niche Wipes
By Sandra Levy, associate editor
Published September 14, 2010
Get ready for a slew of niche wipes that are worth writing home about Read More »
Published September 13, 2010
New data from ACI shows suprising results. Read More »
Published September 9, 2010
Skin care brand is set for broad expansion. Read More »
Published September 8, 2010
Suggests modifying or discontinuing certain advertising claims Read More »
Carmex Adds Skin Care Products
Published September 8, 2010
Carmex Adds Skin Care Products Read More »
Published September 8, 2010
The Council Blasts Safe Cosmetics Act of 2010 Read More »
Small Is Big In Personal Care
Published September 7, 2010
Small Is Big In Personal Care Read More »
By Tom Branna, Editorial Director
Published September 7, 2010
You can learn a lot from a bag of chips, apparently. Frito-Lay executives must have thought that they were on to something big when they began packaging their Sun Chips snacks in biodegradable plant material (poly lactic acid) instead of plastic. Aft… Read More »
Hard to Pick on P&G
By Suzanne & Bob Grayson, Grayson Associates
Published September 7, 2010
Almost impossible – since you know that every product, ad, package, et al., has been focused, qualified and quantified with the latest high-tech research (psychological, demographical, behavioral) plus… Read More »
Published September 7, 2010
The move impacts U.S. and Canada. Read More »
How Enzymes Can Reduce the Environmental Impact Of Liquid Detergents
By Anne Merete Nielsen, Dr. Teresa J. Neal, Sandra Friis-Jensen and Amulya Malladi, Novozymes
Published September 7, 2010
One cost-neutral solution is to replace surfactants with a multienzyme solution that improves the environmental impact of a liquid laundry detergent without compromising performance. Read More »
Down  Up  Down Again?
By Tom Branna, Editorial Director
Published September 7, 2010
The surfactant industry braces for more bumps and dips, as it looks like the global economy is starting to slip again. Read More »
Weimans Cleaning Up
By Christine Esposito, Associate Editor
Published September 1, 2010
Weiman Products is on a roll. Sales are up, despite the recession, and according to CEO Carl DeMasi, the company has invested in infrastructure and product development that will keep it moving ahead. Read More »
Published August 27, 2010
Fragrance free and citrus formulations out now at select stores. Read More »
Published August 19, 2010
Action includes adding NPEs to new Chemicals of Concern List. Read More »
Published August 12, 2010
Private equity fund looks to unload maker of Ajax. Read More »
Published August 5, 2010
Value-oriented products key to Q2 results. Read More »
Published August 4, 2010
Lipo Chemicals Merges with Vantage Specialty Chemicals Vantage Specialty Chemicals, Chicago, a producer of specialty chemicals, has merged with Lipo Chemicals, Inc., Paterson, NJ, and its affiliates, including Ruger Chemicals, Inc., Linden, NJ, Li… Read More »
Marketing News
Published August 3, 2010
Safety 1st Brand Enters Personal Care Category Naturals by Safety 1st bubble bath is new to the personal care section at Babies “R” Us retailers. Dorel Juvenile Group USA… Read More »
22. PZ Cussons
Published August 3, 2010
United Kingdom www.pzcussons.com Sales: $963 million Key Personnel: Richard Harvey, chairman; Alex Kanellis, chief executive officer; Chris Davis, commercial director; Brandon Leigh, finance director; John Pantelireis, supply chain director Major… Read More »
19. LG Household  Health Care
Published August 3, 2010
South Korea www.lgcare.com Sales: $1.2 billion Key Personnel: Suk Cha, president and chief executive officer; Kyoo II Lee, chief financial officer Major Products: Household—laundry and dishwashing detergent, fabric softener and kitchen clea… Read More »
Published August 3, 2010
Says 'safety is on the label' in regards to misuse of household cleaners. Read More »
Published August 2, 2010
New marketing campaign led by a Hispanic ad agency. Read More »
9. Lion
Published July 30, 2010
Japan www.lion.co.jp Sales: $2.7 billion Key Personnel: Sadayoshi Fujishige, president Major Products: Oral care, skin care, beauty products, toiletries, fabric care, home care and household cleaners New Products: Oral care—Clinica Advant… Read More »
5. Kao
Published July 30, 2010
Japan www.kao.co.jp Sales: $8.8 billion Key Personnel: Motoki Ozaki, representative director, president and chief executive officer; Takuo Goto, representative director, senior executive vice president, global production and engineering, global log… Read More »
4. Henkel
Published July 30, 2010
Germany www.henkel.com Sales: $9.9 billion Key Personnel: Kasper Rorsted, chief executive officer; Dr. Simone Bagel-Trah, chairwoman of the shareholders’ committee and supervisory board; Dr. Lothar Steinebach, executive vice president finance… Read More »
3. Reckitt Benckiser
Published July 30, 2010
United Kingdom www.rb.com Sales: $12.1 billion Key Personnel: Bart Becht, chief executive officer; Freddy Caspers, executive vice president, developing markets; Colin Day, chief financial officer; Amedeo Fasano, executive vice president, supply; Ro… Read More »
1. Unilever
Published July 30, 2010
United Kingdom www.unilever.com Sales: $26.2 billion Key Personnel: Paul Polman, chief executive officer; Michael Treschow, chairman; Jean-Marc Hüet, chief financial officer; Douglas Anderson Baillie, president, Western Europe; Professor Genev… Read More »
The International Top 30 Report
By Tom Branna, VP/Editorial Director
Published July 30, 2010
It's Been a Wild Ride And It May Get Wilder Read More »