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Published May 1, 2007
But analysts were expecting a bigger gain. Read More »
Published April 27, 2007
L'Oreal Patents Hair Dyes Read More »
Published April 11, 2007
A new laundry detergent called dropps produced by Philadelphia-based Cot'n Wash Inc., is a liquid laundry detergent that comes in dissolvable half-ounce packets that are safe for the environment and proven to work as well as other leading detergents… Read More »
Published April 6, 2007
The Soap and Detergent Association (SDA) has launched CleaningProductFacts.com, giving consumers a new online resource for information on the safety and effectiveness of household cleaning products.   “CleaningProductFacts.com consolida… Read More »
Going Green Gets Going
Published April 3, 2007
Going green may be the easiest way to gain a foothold in the chemical specialties segment, a category that remains heavily fragmented, say industry experts. Read More »
Published March 27, 2007
Gillette hasn't lost its edge. The company's Fusion shaving line was the top new product launch in 2006 in the non-food category, according to Information Resources, Inc.'s 2006 New Product Pacesetters ranking of the year's most successful new consum… Read More »
Published March 6, 2007
Patent No. US 7,169,744 B2: The Procter and Gamble Company, Cincinnati, OH, patented an organic catalyst with enhanced solubility for use in fabric detergents.… Read More »
Published March 5, 2007
This spring, Tide laundry detergent wants America to be beautiful! And to help capture that sentiment, noted recording artist Cyndi Lauper will lend her voice to Tide's new advertising campaign for Tide with Bleach Alternative with ColorClean. Ms. La… Read More »
Published February 16, 2007
SDA: Michelle Radecki has been appointed general counsel for the Soap and Detergent Association. Additionally, SDA welcomed Helen Benz as senior director, finance and administration, and Mary Ann Linder as meeting manager. Ms. Radecki has served… Read More »
Published February 16, 2007
Patent No. US 7,163,916 B2: A process for the preparation of highly concentrated flowable aqueous solutions of betaines for use in fabric detergents has been patented by Goldschmidt GmbH, Essen Germany.… Read More »
Published February 16, 2007
Patent No. US 7,153,816 B2: A dishwasher detergent with improved protection against glass corrosion comprising a builder and one or more magnesium or zinc salts has been patented by Henkel KGaA, Dusseldorf, Germany.… Read More »
Personnel Roundup
Published February 6, 2007
DeWolf Promotes Pettigrew to V.P. of Sales DeWolf Chemical: Steve Pettigrew has been promoted to the newly created position of vice president of sales at Dewolf Chemical. In this position, Mr. Pettigrew will be responsible for all sales acti… Read More »
Formulating Non-Traditional Hair Conditioners
Published February 6, 2007
Consumer demand for novel products has forced the industry to move beyond ordinary cream rinses. Here are some new ideas in formulation. Read More »
Published January 10, 2007
JAPAN: Household cleaners and detergents that enable quick cleaning and laundry washing are enjoying strong demand in Japan, reflecting the increase in the number of working women. Products that can disinfect and deodorize the toilet in addition to… Read More »
Published January 10, 2007
THAILAND: Thai Ethoxylate Company Limited, a joint venture between Cognis Thailand Limited and PTT Chemical Public Company Limited, inaugurated a new facility in Rayong, Thailand, that will produce fatty alcohol ethoxylates mainly for customers in th… Read More »
Published January 10, 2007
We’re only in January, but 2007 is already shaping up to be a watershed year for the global household and personal products industry. On the top of everyone’s list, of course, is REACH, the new European regulation for chemicals which has… Read More »
Clean Excitement
Published January 3, 2007
Classic clean citrus notes make way for novel scents such as cinnamon spice, mountain fresh and honeysuckle rain in household products. Read More »
Clean Well...Do Some Good
Published January 3, 2007
Clean clothes? That’s a given. Now marketers say they are doing their part to clean the environment, revitalize local economies and, believe it or not, build a better world in the process. Read More »
Published December 20, 2006
As part of its ongoing strategy to increase global focus on the more profitable oral and personal care businesses, Colgate-Palmolive Company announced its agreement to sell its Latin American and Canadian bleach brands to The Clorox Company for $126… Read More »
Published December 15, 2006
Procter & Gamble Co. plans to cut its number of distribution centers in half over the next couple of years and is actively pursuing alternative energy sources, executives said on Thursday. The company aims to lower its distribution costs using few… Read More »
Published December 5, 2006
RUSSIA: The Russian household and personal care market has been good to Henkel, the maker of Persil detergent and Fa shampoo. In fact, Russia is Henkel’s fastest-growing market, with sales topping $5 million last year. Henkel operates five prod… Read More »
Published December 5, 2006
GERMANY: Executives from the soap, detergent, cosmetics and fragrance industries came out to the SEPAWA congress held in Wurzburg, Germany in October. Representatives from 28 countries participated in the exchange of interdisciplinary scientific expe… Read More »
Published November 30, 2006
This holiday season, Tide and Emmy-award winning talk show host Ellen DeGeneres are reminding Americans that the little things they do can make a big difference in their communities, particularly when it comes to energy savings. Over the next four we… Read More »
Innovation Drives Household Sales
Published November 28, 2006
Consumers forego a sponge and ammonia in favor of high-performance formulas that get dispensed from high-margin devices. Read More »
Published November 14, 2006
Detergent industry must do a better job on sustainability, insist speakers at the 6th World Conference on Detergents. Read More »
Published November 7, 2006
Church & Dwight Co. on Tuesday posted a nearly 12 percent increase in its third-quarter profit, helped by higher selling prices and acquisitions. The Princeton-based consumer-products company—which makes Arm & Hammer baking soda and Bri… Read More »
Published November 3, 2006
● America’s Research Group surveyed 1,264 women who are primary household decision makers to reveal the top 10 consumer product categories that generate the most brand loyalty. The number one slot, with 37.8%, went to bath soap. Favorites… Read More »
Sure It Cleans, But is It Green?
Published October 31, 2006
The focus is still on efficacy and value, but more customers want to know if the I&I supplies they buy are environmentally-friendly. Read More »
Published October 18, 2006
Procter & Gamble Co. is testing concentrated versions of its Tide, Dreft and other laundry detergents, a move that could lead to fewer plastics and chemicals entering the environment. The 2X Ultra line will replace all current versions of Tide, Ga… Read More »
Published October 13, 2006
Detergent industry must do a better job on sustainability. Read More »
Published October 4, 2006
Patent No. US 7,097,716 B2: Applied Materials Inc., Santa Clara, CA, patented a method for performing fluorocarbon chamber cleaning to eliminate fluorine memory effect to be used in dishwashing detergents.… Read More »
Published October 4, 2006
Patent No. US 7,098,177 B1: A process for preparing detergent particles has been patented by Kao Corporation, Tokyo, Japan.… Read More »
Published October 4, 2006
The 1.7-ton higher alcohols market is witnessing one of the first major challenges of petroleum-based chemical economics under the current regime of $60-plus crude oil, according to a new study, Higher Alcohols - Forecast to 2020, by Colin A. Houston… Read More »
Published October 4, 2006
● Time-strapped consumers are opting for household cleaning products that offer convenience, efficacy, and innovative solutions that promise to get them out of the house and on with the rest of their lives quickly and easily. According to the l… Read More »
Published October 4, 2006
International Specialty Products and geniaLab BioTechnologie have signed two agreements to market encapsulated products. The first agreement establishes a strategic alliance between the two companies and specifically involves the development and mark… Read More »
Published October 3, 2006
Some time in the next week or so, the U.S. population will top 300 million. At a time when other industrial powers such as Japan, Russia and much of Europe are losing population, the fact that the U.S. continues to motor along adding citizens is quit… Read More »
Published September 8, 2006
Eight Elixir from Thermafuse contains non-pathogenic bacterial cultures that digest excess detergents, proteins, product residue and more. It can be used to remove topical build-up, water soluble stylers and soap film, volumize fine and thinning hair… Read More »
Published September 8, 2006
CANADA: The American Oil Chemists’ Society’s (AOCS) 98th annual meeting and expo will take place May 13-16, 2007 in Québec City, QC, Canada, with nearly 2,000 expected to attend. The meeting is a joint world congress with the… Read More »
Building a Link to Innovators
Published September 6, 2006
Reckitt Benckiser goes online to reach out for innovative ideas in household and personal care product development Read More »
Published September 5, 2006
Whether it’s acquisitions, new product introductions or new plant openings, suppliers are making a variety of moves to compete in this market which impacts the entire household and personal products industry. Read More »
The International Top 30 Report
Published August 21, 2006
Companies Get Going on Going Green Read More »
Published August 17, 2006
Fusion Film Soap, launched in Asia and now available in North America, are cosmetic sheets that can be carried in a pocket and instantly dissolve in water into a rich lather. Aicello’s technology enables the soap to be custom-blended in partner… Read More »
Published August 17, 2006
The Appels are turning over their orange franchise. On July 17, Orange Glo International, Greenwood Village, CO, agreed to be acquired by Church & Dwight Co., Inc., makers of Arm & Hammer products, for $325 million in cash. The transaction is… Read More »
Published August 17, 2006
The Soap and Detergent Association’s (SDA) Board of Directors has approved the applications of 16 companies in recent months. The companies include: AlEn USA, the Houston-based U.S. subsidiary of Mexican cleaning products maker Industrias AlE… Read More »
Big Steps for Baby
Published August 11, 2006
Baby care grows up as marketers explore increasing segmentation in products for babies, toddlers and children. Read More »
Published August 7, 2006
Now, in addition to burning candles and spraying a hint of air freshener, you can rely on your clothes for an incredible scent experience. This month, Tide will launch Tide Simple Pleasures, a new detergent that incorporates naturally inspired scents… Read More »
Published July 17, 2006
Church & Dwight Co., Inc. has agreed to acquire Orange Glo International, Greenwood Village, CO. for $325 million in cash. The transaction, which is subject to regulatory and other customary approvals, is expected to close during the third quarte… Read More »
Published July 10, 2006
Patent No. US 7,018,971 B2: A process for the production of detergent granules was assigned to Unilever Home and Personal Care USA division of Conopco, Inc., Greenwich, CT.… Read More »
Published July 10, 2006
The Soap and Detergent Association’s (SDA) Board of Directors has approved the applications of 16 companies in recent months. The companies include: AlEn USA, the Houston-based U.S. subsidiary of Mexican cleaning products maker Industrias AlE… Read More »
The Top 50 Report: Our Annual Summer Blockbuster
Published July 7, 2006
The Top 50: Our Annual Summer Blockbuster Okay, okay, maybe we didn’t invent the Summer Blockbuster. After all, Jaws hit the silver screen back in 1975 and The Top 50 didn’t debut until 1978. But there’s no denying the fact that… Read More »