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  • Hypermarcas Patents Depigmenting Composition

    February 1, 2017
    US Patent No. 9,526,690 B2; Hypermarcas SA, São Paulo, has earned a patent for a method of preparing a depigmenting cosmetic composition. The method entails the following steps: Providing an aqueous phase, wherein a vehicle, a sequestr…

  • Amorepacific Patents Cosmetic Carrier With Foamed Urethane Layers

    January 27, 2017
    AmorePacific Corp. has patented (US 9,492,370 B2) a carrier for a cosmetic composition comprising two or more layers of foamed urethane that are impregnated with a cosmetic composition, wherein the cosmetic composition is discharged from the carrier…

  • Cosmetic Composition Patented by P&G

    December 1, 2016
    US Patent No. 9,446,265 B2;  Procter & Gamble has patented a finisher composition that is comprised of spherical starch particles having a mean particle size of approximately 5 to 30 microns; a non-volatile oil; and water. The composition in…

  • Shiseido Patents Cleansing Cosmetic Composition

    January 22, 2013
    US Patent No. 8,298,557 B2; Shiseido Company, Ltd., Tokyo, has been awarded a US patent for a cleansing cosmetic composition. The formulation contains silicone oil, volatile hydrocarbon oil, dihydric glycol, polyoxyethylene glyceryl monoisostearate…

  • Recent Patent Applications For Hair Care Polymers

    Recent Patent Applications For Hair Care Polymers

    Robert Y. Lochhead, The Institute for Polymer Science, The School of Polymers & High Performance Materials; The University of Southern Mississippi and Institute for Formulation Science || November 3, 2010
    At the Institute for Formulation Science, we monitor patents and patenting as part of our current awareness activities for the Partnership for Innovation. In this article, we have selected interesting advances that have recently been reported in U.S. patent applications.

  • Intellectual Property Trends in Color Cosmetics

    Intellectual Property Trends in Color Cosmetics

    August 3, 2009
    Recent patent activity in color cosmetics is summarized in this article. Trends toward natural-looking makeup, iridescence and transfer-resistance are evident.

  • Trends in Polymers for Skin Care

    Trends in Polymers for Skin Care

    March 30, 2009
    Recent patent activity reveals advances in polymer synthesis, polymeric emulsifiers and a move toward micro- and nano-gels.

  • Skin Care Polymer Trends

    Skin Care Polymer Trends

    March 28, 2008
    Marketers and suppliers alike are patenting innovative concepts in moisturizing and anti-wrinkle benefits using a variety of novel substances.

  • Polymers in Cosmetics: Recent Advances

    Polymers in Cosmetics: Recent Advances

    November 15, 2005
    From film-formers to rheology modifiers, polymers serve various functions.