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  • No Bad Hair Days For Europeans

    Imogen Matthews, Consultant || October 3, 2016
    While shampoo remains the most used hair care product by European consumers, multi-step regimes are growing in popularity. For many, the goal is hydration and protection, reflecting skin care usage patterns and providing hair care brands with opportu…

  • Marketers Play Loose & Fast With Natural’s Definition

    Imogen Matthews, Consultant || August 3, 2015
    Despite high interest in natural and organic cosmetic products by European consumers, the market is highly fragmented with very few brands having a strong presence throughout the region. The main issue is in the definition; natural is a very loose te…

  • Budget-Conscious Europeans Bring Home a Spa Experience

    Imogen Matthews, Consultant || September 27, 2013
    Spa products for use at home are a category that has benefited hugely from the economic downturn, as consumers use spas and salons less often but are reluctant to give up the whole pampering experience. Not only are spa-inspired products proving popu…

  • Europeans Don’t Sweat the AP/Deo Market

    Imogen Matthews, Consultant || July 10, 2013
    The majority of Europeans regard the use of a deodorant or antiperspirant as a necessary part of their personal hygiene routine, leaving manufacturers little room to drive volume growth in this mature market. However, demographic factors, such as ge…

  • Soaking Up Success In Euro Bath Market

    Soaking Up Success In Euro Bath Market

    Katie Middleweek, European Cosmetic Markets Tel: (44) 020 7193 6862 || January 24, 2013
    It has been a successful year for the bathroom products category in the Big 5 (Germany, UK, France, Italy and Spain) with all countries reporting an increase in value sales. That’s quite an achievement, especially when one realizes how much t…

  • Facing Facts in Europe

    Katie Middleweek, Editor, European Cosmetic Markets || February 4, 2010
    When it comes to skin care, the past year has been, by and large, a successful one for the Big 5 countries of Western Europe, with all (apart from Italy) registering growth within the facial skin care sector—and in some cases, this growth was q…