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 •  RIFM Names New President  •  P&G Makes Changes To Laundry Pacs  •  CPL Aromas Opens New Fragrance Factory in Dubai  •  Emerald Kalama Chemical Acquires Innospec Widnes  •  Lindal Expands with Russian Pharma Company

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Published August 15, 2012
Antibacterial ingredient still making news. Read More »
Published August 14, 2012
Results for fiscal 2012 approach $10 billion. Read More »
Published August 13, 2012
Reckitt and Method release new cleaning lines. Read More »
Published August 8, 2012
Minty scent is making its way into personal care products. Read More »
Published August 8, 2012
Industry experts will speak at Elements Showcase. Read More »
Published August 7, 2012
Beauty brand hosts ‘grey’ promotion at Macy’s. Read More »
Staying Up in a Down Market
By Dr. Jim Harris, President, Ropella Leadership Transformation Corporate Technology Clients
Published August 6, 2012
Dr. Jim Harris provides some principles to keep you going when times get tough. Read More »
Published August 6, 2012
Inaugural trunk show featuring award winners. Read More »
29. Sunstar
Published August 6, 2012
Switzerland www.sunstar.com Sales: $784 million Key Personnel: Yoshihiro Kaneda, group chairman; Hiroo Kaneda, group honorary chairman. Major Products: Oral care products sold under the Gum and Butler brand names, and personal care products includ… Read More »
26. L
Published August 6, 2012
France www.loccitane.com Sales: $1.1 billion Key Personnel: David Boynton, group managing director; Benoit Mennegand, CFO/IT/supply chain; Chris Giunta, vice president of finance and accounting; Christina Polychroni, vice president of marketing and… Read More »
21. Clarins
Published August 6, 2012
France www.clarins.com Sales: $1.6 billion (estimated) Key Personnel: Christian Courtin-Clarins, chairman; Philip Shearer, chief executive officer; Pankaj Chandarana, chief financial officer; Olivier Courtin, R&D director. Major Products: Ski… Read More »
19. Puig
Published August 6, 2012
Spain www.puig.com Sales: $1.7 billion Key Personnel: Marc Puig Guasch, chairman and CEO; Manuel Puig Rocha, vice chairman; Jose Manuel Albesa, chief brand officer; Javier Bach, chief operating officer; Eulalia Alfonso, chief human resources office… Read More »
18. Chanel
Published August 6, 2012
The Valentina Eau de Parfum by Valentino lineup includes body oil, shower gel and lotion.18. Chanel France www.chanel.com Sales: $1.8 billion (estimated) Key Personnel: Alain and Gerald Werthheimer, co-owners; Maureen Chiquet, chief executive offi… Read More »
12. Bolton Group
Published August 6, 2012
The Netherlands www.boltongroup.net Sales: $2.3 billion (estimated) Major Products: Household care—Omino Bianco laundry care, WC Net bathroom cleaners, Carolin floor cleaners, SMAC metal and all-purpose cleaners, Overlay floor and surface cle… Read More »
4. Henkel
Published August 6, 2012
Germany www.henkel.com Sales: $10.7 billion Key Personnel: Kasper Rorsted, chief executive officer; Carsten Knobel, executive vice president, finance and purchasing; Kathrin Menges, executive vice president, human resources and infrastructure servi… Read More »
2. L’Oréal
Published August 6, 2012
France www.loreal.com Sales: $28.2 billion Key Personnel: Jean-Paul Agon, chairman and chief executive officer; Laurent Attal, executive vice president, research and innovation; Jean-Philippe Blanpain, managing director, operations; Nicolas Hieroni… Read More »
1. Unilever
Published August 6, 2012
United Kingdom www.unilever.com Sales: $32.9 billion Key Personnel: Paul Polman, chief executive officer; Doug Baillie, chief human resources officer; Geneviéve Berger, chief research and development officer; Jean-Marc Huët, chief finan… Read More »
Published August 3, 2012
Will DIY bite on this idea? Read More »
Breakthrough in Skin Smoothing from DSM
Published August 1, 2012
Breakthrough in Skin Smoothing from DSM Read More »
Qosmedix Adds Family of Tubes with Matte Black Caps
Published August 1, 2012
New family of Natural Tubes with matte black caps from Qosmedix. • Create your own recognizable line of makeup products for sampling or retail with Qosmedix’s new family of… Read More »
Qosmedix Adds Family of Tubes with Matte Black Caps
Published August 1, 2012
Qosmedix Adds Family of Tubes with Matte Black Caps Read More »
Published August 1, 2012
• Pureology has added two new control products to its Colour Stylist range—Control Twist high hold liquid wax and Supreme Control maximum hold zero dulling hairspray. Control Twist is a versatile, high hold liquid wax that can be used… Read More »
Arbonne Adds New Mint Deo and Oral Care Products
Published August 1, 2012
Arbonne’s trio of new personal care products. • Arbonne International, LLC launched a trio of personal care products including an aluminum-free deodorant, alcohol-free mout… Read More »
Arbonne Adds New Mint Deo and Oral Care Products
Published August 1, 2012
Arbonne Adds New Mint Deo and Oral Care Products Read More »
Published August 1, 2012
• Edge Shave Gel has announced “Team Edge 2012,” the second year of a commitment to identify rising stars in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and provide the chance for one of them to become an official spokesman for Edge… Read More »
Published August 1, 2012
• Lee Stafford, one of Britain’s most well known celebrity hairdressers, is out to woo US consumers with several summer products. The Brit reality TV star stylist offers Beach Babe Sea Salt Spray, Poker Straight Dehumidifier, Bleach Bl… Read More »

            Philosophy is flying high with United Airlines.
Published August 1, 2012
Philosophy is flying high with United Airlines. • Coty’s skin care and beauty brand Philosophy is taking flight with United Airlines in a new amenities deal. United Globa… Read More »
Published August 1, 2012
New Clorox Cleaning Line Targets hispanics Read More »
Are Tresses in Trouble? Sales Remain Static
By Katie Middleweek, European Cosmetic Markets Tel: (44) 020 7193 6862
Published August 1, 2012
It has been a very mixed year for the hair care market in the Big 5 with the overall category (including shampoos, conditioners and styling products) posting a variety of gains and losses, but nothing very consistent and all a bit pallid. France and… Read More »
By Harvey Fishman, Consultant
Published August 1, 2012
Novel Personal Care Formulas, Part II Read More »
Story Tellers
By Christine Esposito, Associate Editor
Published August 1, 2012
When it comes to fine fragrance packaging, details communicate the essence of the juice and the brand behind it. Read More »
STEM Ensures Growth For HPC Industry
By Tom Branna, Editorial Director
Published August 1, 2012
Where will the chemists of tomorrow come from? Dow Chemical has an aggressive program to build students’ expertise in the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Read More »
Mighty Makeup
By Melissa Meisel, Associate Editor
Published August 1, 2012
This season's color cosmetics are rife with rich hues, a plush feel and skin-loving benefits. Read More »
Published August 1, 2012
DermaQOL sold through oncologists and medical professionals. Read More »
Published July 27, 2012
European leaders vow to save the euro, while US growth slows in Q2. Read More »
Published July 26, 2012
Q2 revenue rise 40% to $593.2 million. Read More »
Published July 26, 2012
Foreign exchange rate cuts into gains. Read More »
Published July 24, 2012
Poise is aimed at menopausal women. Read More »
Published July 23, 2012
Roll-on cooling gel, towelette and more designed for menopausal women. Read More »
Published July 20, 2012
Los Angeles-based Witte works on major movie sets. Read More »
Published July 20, 2012
Roving salon sponsored by Orly, Spa Ritual and InStyler. Read More »
Viva La France
By Nancy Jeffries, Contributing Editor
Published July 17, 2012
Votre Vu's hand-crafted color cosmetics reach US shores. Read More »
Fall 2012 Hair Trends Preview
By Philip Pelusi, Internationally recognized stylist and product artist
Published July 16, 2012
What's going to be hot for next season? Philip Pelusi knows. Read More »
Published July 13, 2012
New matte black caps grab attention. Read More »
Published July 10, 2012
Table tennis representative Wang to front for grooming range. Read More »
Published July 9, 2012
Five of sport's leading fighters compete for spokesperson's spot. Read More »
Published July 5, 2012
New natural deo, mouthwash and toothpaste. Read More »
Published July 1, 2012
Published June 29, 2012
• Bell Flavors and Fragrances: added new staff at its Northbrook, IL headquarters. Cynthia Lipka was appointed to the position of senior flavorist. She has more than 17 years of experience as a flavor chemist working at Synergy Flavors In… Read More »