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By Harvey Fishman, Consultant
Published April 30, 2012
Looking for some new ideas? I’ve got a few that I’ve been working on, but they are not finished formulas ready to go into production. Viscosity and pH adjustments may need to be done, fragrances added, stability tests should be run (room… Read More »
By Tom Branna, Editorial Director
Published June 2, 2014
While searching for a ballgame on my AM dial, I tuned in to one of those radio call-in shows just in time to hear an 85-year-old gentlemen ask the expert host about liver spots and what could he do to get rid of them. I forgot about my Mets for a mom… Read More »
A Closer Look at J&J
By Harvey M. Fishman, Consultant
Published September 28, 2012
As I scanned newspapers and other media looking for cosmetic industry news, I found two interesting stories. The first, from the Associated Press, included the headline “J&J vows to be toxic free.” Underneath was the subhead, “… Read More »
Water, Water Everywhere...
By Harvey Fishman, Consultant
Published June 29, 2012
Rising temperatures are melting the polar ice caps and releasing water into the oceans. A long time ago, I was testing the chemical knowledge of a former girlfriend by asking if she knew what H2O stood for. “Water,&rd… Read More »
Think Outside the Bottle For Sun Protection
By Harvey M. Fishman, Consultant
Published February 17, 2011
The Environmental Working Group, a non-government organization, voiced concern last year about the use of oxybenzone-based sunscreens on children and babies. Even though the FDA approves it for use, the body may still absorb oxybenzone and certain… Read More »
All About Hair... and the Lack Thereof
Published January 7, 2011
This month's column could be subtitled, “Everything You Wanted to Know About Hair, But Were Afraid to Ask.” Hair comes in various sizes and shapes: stiff and short on the eyebrows, long and soft on the head, and almost invisible on mo… Read More »
Despite Effectiveness, Questions Regarding Nanoparticles Persist
By Harvey M. Fishman, Consultant
Published November 4, 2010
Despite controversy, cosmetic companies have been using nanoparticles in some formulations for the past decade. Nanoparticles are very small and range between one and 100 nanometers which is about 1/5,000th the diameter of a human hair.… Read More »
Cosmetics in the News
By Harvey M. Fishman, Consultant
Published October 1, 2010
It is time once again for my occasional roundup of media articles and cartoons pertaining to our industry. The following is a rare non-political Doonesbury cartoon by Gary Trudeau. Those of us who are consultants may resent the sarcasm, but often the… Read More »
Making Sense of Your Sense of Smell
By Harvey M. Fishman, Consultant
Published August 3, 2010
The sense of smell is said to be 10,000 times more sensitive than your sense of taste, although temperature and humidity affect the odor’s strength by determining the volatility of the odor from its source. A dog’s sense of smell can be m… Read More »
Chelants Show Their Mettle
By Harvey M. Fishman, Consultant
Published July 8, 2010
Although chelating agents are used in small quantities, a little goes a long way in keeping a formula stable. They do this by binding metallic ions in water or other chemicals that might adversely affect the color, quality or appearance of the formul… Read More »