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  • Whitehall Partners Buys Naturally Uncommon

    October 3, 2016
    In acquisition news, Whitehall Partners LLC has purchased Naturally Uncommon from its former owners and founders. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed. Headquartered in Atkinson, NH, Naturally Uncommon is an eco-conscious company that manufac…

  • Natural Hair Dye With Plant Polyphenols

    July 1, 2016
    US Patent No. 9,345,654 B2; The Natural Medicine Institute of Zhejiang Yangshengtang, Hangzhou, has been awarded a US patent for dying human or animal hair. It is comprised of an effective amount of natural dye substances; and optionally one or more…

  • Quaternized Guar Is a Natural Solution

    Quaternized Guar Is a Natural Solution

    Tom Schoenberg, Schoenberg Consulting || July 1, 2016
    The polymer has applications in a range of skin and hair care formulas that does not build up on hair with repeated use

  • American Natural Products, LLC

    Stephen Smith, Ph.D., President || January 11, 2016

  • Natural Sourcing

    Natural Sourcing

    Sales and Customer Care Department || January 5, 2016
    Natural Sourcing specializes in the supply of an extensive range of NATURAL, conventional and ORGANIC INGREDIENTS for personal care, fragrance & perfumery, spa, massage and aromatherapy applications We offer ETHICALLY harvested ingredients that a…

  • Natural Alternatives for Cosmetic Preservation

    Natural Alternatives for Cosmetic Preservation

    Eric Schmitt and Kathleen Norris, Active Concepts || February 6, 2015
    Extracts, organic acids, enzymes and antimicrobial peptides all have a place in a cosmetic chemist’s toolbox, according to researchers at Active Concepts.

  • Natural Skin Care Beauty Myths

    Natural Skin Care Beauty Myths

    June 25, 2013
    Suki Kramer takes on the topic of greenwashing.

  • Conventional vs. Natural Preservatives

    Conventional vs. Natural Preservatives

    Beth Ann Browne u2013 Dow Microbial Control,Phil Geis u2013 AdvancedTesting Laboratories, Tony Rook u2013 The Sherwin-Williams Company || April 30, 2012
    Green aspirations must be tempered with practical realities—an environmentally preferable product is not a success if the formulation falls apart or is overrun with potentially pathogenic microorganisms due to the lack of an effective preservative.

  • Formulating Natural Products

    Formulating Natural Products

    Steve Harripersad u2022 Beauty Avenues Dr. Lambros Kromidas u2022 Product Safety and Regulatory Affairs Professional Dr. Nava Dayan u2022 Lipo Chemicals Inc. || August 27, 2010
    Consumers are becoming more environmentally savvy and seek natural cosmetic products that are safe and perform as well as conventional products. Here are some guidelines to help chemists get started in the lab.

  • Need a Natural Preservative? Try Naticide from Sinerga

    Harvey M. Fishman, Consultant || February 5, 2009
    These days, marketing people are constantly looking for a natural antimicrobial that does not have to be listed as a preservative, so they can call the product “preservative free.” Wouldn’t it be convenient if this “non-pres…