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  • Air Care/Environmental Fragrance | Fine Fragrance
    Testing Consumer Products

    Testing Consumer Products

    How applying gamification might enhance decision making.
    Daniel Blatt, Q Research Solutions 04.24.17

  • Skin Care
    Kao Finds Counterfeit Products on Store Shelves

    Kao Finds Counterfeit Products on Store Shelves

    Alerting customers to fake Jergens lotion located in Northeastern US.

  • Kobo Products

    Kobo Products

    Kobo Products, Inc. The Powder & Dispersion Specialist, since 1987 has provided innovative, technology-based raw materials to the cosmetic industry including Surface Treatments, Microspheres, Sun and Color Dispersions, Effect Pigments, Silicones…
    Haley Thergesen, Marketing Coordinator 01.10.17

  • Aware Products

    Aware Products

    As a contract manufacturer, Aware is very proud to continually be chosen by some of the world’s major personal care brands to help develop and produce their specialty hair, skin, OTC, and bath products. Aware’s success as a contract manuf…
    Sales 08.27.15

  • Just How Effective Are Anti-Glycation Products?

    Anti-glycation has no meaning to most consumers; hence, the claim is usually reserved for higher-priced prestige products that tend to be sold in department stores, which permits some level of consumer education, according to Sarah Jindal, senior inn…
    Navin M. Geria, Doctors Skin Prescription 07.01.15

  • Critical Elements of Household Product Preservation

    Critical Elements of Household Product Preservation

    This article provides an overview of what a product manufacturer must consider during the formulation of water-based household products.