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  • DSM Debuts Peptide for Anti-Aging Eye Products

    January 4, 2016
    DSM Personal Care launched its new multifunctional anti-aging peptide complex, Syn-Eye. According to the company, this innovative product further extends DSM’s Syn-Peptides product range in response to consumers’ desire to have lineless e…

  • Enhanced Flavor Release In Oral Care Products

    January 4, 2016
    US Patent No. 9,161,890 B2; Colgate-Palmolive has patented an oral care composition with enhanced flavor release. It is comprised of an orally acceptable carrier comprising a first flavor; and a multilayer substantially of lamellar film for extended…

  • Sun Products Treats Local Youth to ‘Peanuts’ Movie

    December 2, 2015
    The Sun Products Corporation rolled out the red carpet for some very special guests on Nov. 5 in Bowling Green, KY as it hosted an advance screening of the new “Peanuts” movie in 3D. Guests included underprivileged children from the Potte…

  • Just How Effective Are Anti-Glycation Products?

    Navin M. Geria, Doctors Skin Prescription || July 1, 2015
    Anti-glycation has no meaning to most consumers; hence, the claim is usually reserved for higher-priced prestige products that tend to be sold in department stores, which permits some level of consumer education, according to Sarah Jindal, senior inn…

  • Colorado Quality Products Organic

    Colorado Quality Products Organic

    Leslie McDonough, Technical Customer Service || September 4, 2014
    CQP is an industry leader in technology that specializes in high end skincare & personal care products, an USDA/NOP 95% & NSF/ANSI 70% certified organic manufacturer with an R&D team that has over 40 years of personal care formulation experience, our…

  • Microbiological Quality Of Consumer Products

    Microbiological Quality Of Consumer Products

    May 3, 2011
    The Consumer Specialty Products Association surveys the practices used to ensure microbiological quality of household and institutional products by focusing on raw material controls, finished product quality and process hygiene.