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  • Actives | Sun Care
    Recent Developments in Sunscreens

    Recent Developments in Sunscreens

    FDA continues to treat sunscreens as drugs; expecting the full complement of drug tests that any cancer drug requires.
    Nadim Shaath, PhD, Alpha Research & Development Ltd. 04.03.17

  • The Sunscreen Innovation Act

    The Sunscreen Innovation Act

    The long and winding road to sunscreen regulation reform in the US may have gotten shorter, but we’re not home just yet. The journey started 42 years ago in 1972 when the FDA began reviewing over-the-counter products not covered by a New Drug A…
    Nadim Shaath, Alpha Research & Development Ltd 08.01.14

  • Air Pollution’s Effect On the Skin, Part II

    In the April column of The Sunscreen Filter (p. 46) I described the ever-expanding problem of air pollution and its effect on human health in general and the skin in particular. Air pollutants were classified as primary or secondary and methods for q…
    Nadim Shaath, Alpha Research & Development Ltd 05.02.14

  • Actives | Functional Ingredients | Sun Care
    A Forum for Sunscreen: Debating Better Protection

    A Forum for Sunscreen: Debating Better Protection

    Vital issues confronting the sun care market in the US will be discussed at a round table panel discussion during this month’s Sunscreen Symposium by the Florida Chapter of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists.1 It is the third time such a forum ha…
    Nadim Shaath 09.04.13

  • ‘PASS’ Pushes the Issue

    ‘PASS’ Pushes the Issue

    A coalition that includes sunscreen ingredient companies, dermatologists and sunscreen manufacturers calls on FDA to create a pathway for new UV filters.
    Christine Esposito , Associate Editor 04.03.13

  • 5-Star Research; Below Par Ratings

    Conflicting news on the benefits and dangers of sunscreen and skin cancer has saturated news both in print and online for the past few months. Several interesting reports on new ingredients as well as sun care formulations have surfaced. In additio…
    Nadim Shaath, Alpha Research & Development Ltd. 03.11.11

  • Marketing News

    CK One Unveils New Worldwide Ad Campaign Coty Prestige has unveiled a new worldwide advertising campaign for CK One, the shared fragrance that created the unisex fragrance category back in 1994. The new “we are one” campaign offers a…

  • Things are Heating Up in the Sunscreen Category

    Happy New Year!  This issue marks the first anniversary of my column. The positive reactions I have received to The Sunscreen Filter attest to its timeliness; an informational filter is sorely needed to keep pace with rapid sunscreen development…
    Nadim Shaath, Alpha Research & Development Ltd. 01.08.09

  • SPF: Sun Protection Facts or Fictions?

    You can’t believe everything you read. Until recently, information on sun protection has generally made its way from the top down, passing from industry and academia to the consumer via traditional media. Experts with credentials relayed skin c…
    Nadim A. Shaath, PhD., Alpha Research & Development Ltd. 07.01.08

  • Hair

    Hair's the Thing

    Sales achieve modest growth while consumers request more specialized formulas targeted to their hair type.