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    J&J Patents Skin Formula With NFKB-Inhibitor

    US Patent No. 9,629,794 B2; Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc. has been awarded a patent for its composition that is comprised of an NFκB-inhibitor selected from the group consisting of 4-hexyl resorcinol and tetrahydrocurcuminoids; a tropoela…

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    Mary Kay Patents Skin Treatments

    US Patent No. 9,622,965 B2; Mary Kay Inc., Addison, TX, has patented a method of treating fine lines or wrinkles, the method comprising topically applying to skin a composition consisting essentially of Magnolia officinalis bark extract; Vitis vinife…

  • Actives | Skin Care
    Skin Whitener Goes Too Far

    Skin Whitener Goes Too Far

    Racist video pulled in Thailand.

  • International Skin Care Techniques Workshop

    The International Dermal Institute (IDI) has trained more than 100,000 of the world’s top skin therapists, and in celebration of that achievement, IDI will offer its most popular class, “International Skin Care Techniques Workshop,”…

  • Colgate Patents Choline Salt Cleaning Composition

    US Patent No. 8,901,061 B2; Colgate-Palmolive Company has patented a cleaning composition comprising at least 15% by weight choline chloride, at least one surfactant (selected from nonionic surfactants and amphoteric surfactants) and a solvent.  …

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    Skin Whitener Still Plagues Kanebo

    Skin Whitener Still Plagues Kanebo

    More than 7,000 consumer complaints

  • Access Business Group Patents Skin Whitener

    Patent US 7,364,759 B2. A skin whitening composition containing black cohosh extract has been patented by Access Business Group International LLC, based in Ada, MI.…