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  • Color Cosmetics | Oral Care | Personal Cleansers | Preservatives | Skin Care | Sun Care | Testing
    Preserve & Serve

    Preserve & Serve

    Suppliers with innovative preservatives provide staying power for formulations.
    Melissa Meisel , Associate Editor 07.01.16

  • Practical Protection

    Practical Protection

    Consumers and companies alike seek milder, but effective preservation systems for personal care and household products.
    Christine Esposito, Associate Editor 07.01.15

  • Actives | Skin Care
    Face Valued

    Face Valued

    Skin care formulations that promise to protect a prized possession—one’s appearance—are always in demand.
    Christine Esposito, Associate Editor 05.01.15

  • Preservation Society

    Preservation Society

    The war on preservatives continues…until the next outbreak of contaminated products affects consumers, anyway. Read on to find out how the industry is fighting back.
    Tom Branna, Editorial Director 05.02.14

  • Inolex Launches Preservation System for Wet Wipes

    Inolex recently rolled out Spectrastat L-Series at the World of Wipes Conference in Atlanta. According to the company, the products are the latest addition to the Spectrastat line of alternative preservatives that contain the revolutionary biostatic…

  • Inolex Launches Preservation System

    Inolex Launches Preservation System

    Ideal for wet wipe products.

  • Hair Care | Household Cleaning | Personal Cleansers | Preservatives | Skin Care
    PR for Preservatives?

    PR for Preservatives?

    Preservative systems work as well as ever, but erroneous media reports and skittish regulators having suppliers scrambling.
    Tom Branna, Editorial Director 04.30.12

  • Preservatives

    Alternative Preservatives

    Inolex Chemical offers personal care and household product formulators a novel chelating technology to prevent the growth of A. niger and make a variety of consumer-friendly claims.
    Tom Branna, Editorial Director 08.29.11

  • Inolex Launches Spectrastat System

    Inolex has introduced Spectrastat, a high-performance biostatic system for preservative-free cosmetics. According to the company, Spectrastat is the first system on the market to contain CHA, a novel patented organic acid. Unlike other organic acids,…