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  • Chemspec Launches LDPE Wax

    Chemspec Launches LDPE Wax

    February 23, 2017
    Deurex E 06 & E 12 K are now available.

  • Turtle Wax Supports First Responders

    Turtle Wax Supports First Responders

    February 15, 2017
    Pledges $20,000 to the 100 Club of Chicago.

  • Wax Melts Set to Soar

    Wax Melts Set to Soar

    January 30, 2017
    Global sales to top $6 billion

  • Hair Compositions With Aqueous Wax

    November 2, 2016
    US Patent No. 9,408,785 B2; L’Oréal has patented a method of shaping hair with a styling composition that contains an aqueous dispersion with at least one solid wax particle having a particle size ranging from about five microns to about…

  • AAK’s Golden Wax For Candle Melts

    August 1, 2016
    AAK now offers Golden Wax botanical oil-based wax for wax melts. According to the company, this soy-based wax offers excellent color vibrancy and consistent fragrance holding qualities. It is also free of bloom and frosting, and features a superior,…

  • 44. Turtle Wax

    44. Turtle Wax

    July 1, 2015
    Willowbrook, IL 630.455.3700 Sales: $165 million (estimated).   Key Personnel: Mark Leopold, chief executive officer and president; Sandy Kolkey, chief marketing officer; Brad Smiley, director- global financial planning…

  • 42. Turtle Wax, Inc.

    42. Turtle Wax, Inc.

    July 10, 2013
    Willowbrook, IL 630.455.3700  Sales: $160 million (estimated). Key Personnel: Steve Knoop, chief executive officer; Denis Healy Sr., co-chairman of Turtle Wax, Inc; and Sondra Healy, co-chairman of Turtle Wax, Inc. Major Pro…

  • GiGi No Sting Wax Features Kava Kava

    June 6, 2013
    • Designed to take the sting out of waxing for those with delicate skin or for those who are prone to sensitivity, GiGi No Sting Wax has a revolutionary new formula that effectively removes all unwanted hair while keeping users free from pain an…

  • New Soy Wax and Soy Wax Blend at Dow Corning

    November 30, -0001
    A new soy wax and soy wax blend from Dow Corning offer innovative formulating alternatives for structure and sensory characteristics while providing a naturally derived substitute for petrolatum. These versatile ingredients were developed for use…