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  • How Stress Can Affect Your Hair & Scalp

    How Stress Can Affect Your Hair & Scalp

    Take a head-on approach to fortifying tresses in times of turmoil.
    Anabel Kingsley, trichologist at Philip Kingsley 09.18.17

  • Hair Damage Has No Borders

    Hair Damage Has No Borders

    Croda launches new data on multicultural conditioning solution.

  • Does Color Damage Hair?

    Does Color Damage Hair?

    Words of wisdom from a well-known color expert.
    Rita Hazan, celebrity color authority 01.26.15

  • Croda Debuts iPad Hair Damage Guide

    Hair sustains damage in many ways and from various sources, often on a daily basis. To help its customers better understand hair damage, Croda has launched an updated, iPad-friendly version of its interactive, electronic Hair Damage Guide that explor…

  • Hair Care | Preservatives | Surfactants
    The Mystery Of Antioxidants

    The Mystery Of Antioxidants

    What role do they play in hair care?
    Philip Pelusi, Internationally recognized stylist and product artist 01.07.13

  • Croda Launches Hair Damage Guide

    An interactive source for solving quandaries such as frizz and breakage.

  • Effective Treatment for Ethnic Hair

    Effective Treatment for Ethnic Hair

    There are many challenges to be overcome when formulating products for the ethnic hair care market. Here are some ideas to create effective products.
    Manuel Gamez-Garcia, Joel Basilan, Colleen Rocafort and Cesar Mauras, BASF Care Chemicals 03.30.10

  • Nalco Polymer Protects Hair from UV Damage

    Naperville, IL-based Nalco Company offers Solamer, a UV-absorbing polymer for the personal care industry that protects hair from the potentially damaging effects of UV light exposure, according to the company. Effective in leave-on and rinse-off ap…