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September 4, 2009

ISP Forges Proteomics Alliance with Cellworks

Cellworks Group Inc. and ISP Personal Care have formed an alliance to use sophisticated computer modeling techniques to develop and demonstrate novel skin care approaches based on ISP’s Vincience line of biofunctional ingredients. Proteomics is the large-scale study of proteins, particularly their structures and functions.

In a recently concluded study, Cellworks Group’s Virtual Skin platform was used to model the effects in two biofunctional ingredient projects that were under evaluation for effects on skin pigmentation. The study was able to assay hundreds of bio-molecules, examining different application rates and allowing ISP to predict their effects on different skin types—before the need for expensive clinical testing. Laboratory work by ISP was able to validate the accuracy of the results produced via Cellworks Group’s Virtual Skin platform.

According to Claude Dal Farra, vice president of research and development for ISP, Cellworks’ Virtual Cells technology has the potential to dramatically speed up the discovery and development of biofunctional ingredients, to improve the targeting and efficacy of those ingredients, and to deliver important data to skin care companies for use in their own product development processes.

Chemir Partners with Local Dermatologist on Skin Care Gel

Chemir Analytical Services has teamed with Dr. Anne Riordan of Wildwood Dermatology on a new a facial skin care gel with unique capabilities. Chemir discussed the client’s objectives and vision for the final product, legal aspects and the manufacturing process. According to Chemir, Dr. Riordan knew several skin care formulations that she preferred, but wanted the product to be in a gel form and include natural ingredients for additional moisturizing properties.

Chemir created three iterations of the formulation for Dr. Riordan’s review. Once the formulation was finalized and approved, the lab created bench-scale quantities for 12-week stability tests. After those studies were complete, Chemir partnered with a recommended contract packager. With the help of all these partners, a new product, Azfasst, was born.

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TRI/Princeton To Start Conditioner Study on Sept. 15

TRI/Princeton will conduct a benchmarking and point-of-entry claims package for conditioning products, with the next study beginning this month. Samples are due Sept. 15.

In this benchmarking study, the technical performance of your formulations will be compared to controls, which are believed to represent extremes associated with current commercially available products. Product forms suitable for this study include 2-in-1 shampoos, shampoo plus conditioner systems, and leave-in conditioners. Turnaround time is approximately four weeks.

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NPA Requires 100% Natural Fragrances

The Natural Product Association (NPA) is requiring all companies that wish to comply with the new natural personal care standard to have 100% natural fragrances in their personal care products by May 1, 2010, in order to retain NPA Certification.

In addition, the NPA is developing a new natural product standard for the household cleaning agent category. This new standard will be introduced in the Fall.

For this reason, Trilogy has been proactive in helping companies replace petrochemical, synthetic fragrances, with 100% natural replicas through its GreenScents technology, which is free of phthalates, parabens, sulfates, chemical sunscreens, petrochemicals, glycols, formaldehyde donors, PEGs or PPG, DEA/TEA and 1,4 dioxanes. GreenScents are available in all olfactive categories including floral, green, oceanic/ozone, citrus, fruity, gourmand and fougere.

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Brownyard Group Wins IMCA Showcase Awards

The Brownyard Group, a Bay Shore, NY provider of specialized insurance coverage for select industry groups, has won two Best In Show awards and an Award of Excellence at the Insurance Marketing and Communications Association’s 2009 annual meeting.

Both of Brownyard Group’s Best In Show-winning ads were part of its “Experience Matters” campaign.
Brownyard also netted an Award of Excel-lence in the “Total Marketing Communications Campaign to Producers or Consumers” category.It was also part of the company’s “Experience Matters” campaign.

The winning advertisements were created by Vertibrands.

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2010 FiFi Celebration is June 3 At Downtown Armory in NYC

The Fragrance Foundation has set a date: the 2010 FiFi celebration will be held June 3 at the Downtown Armory in New York City.

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Q Laboratories Wins AOAC Award

Q Laboratories’ Microbiology R&D Lab has been awarded the Collaborative Study of the Year Award by AOAC International. AOAC is a provider and facilitator in the development, use, and harmonization of validated analytical methods and lab quality assurance programs and services.

PBA, NCA Agree To Proposed Merger

The Professional Beauty Association (PBA) and the National Cosmetology Association (NCA) have signed an agreement to effect a proposed merger. The groups contend the merger will combine the best practices and leverage the complementary strengths, assets and member benefits of each group to improve all sectors of the professional beauty industry. Longer term, NCA will join PBA’s three existing company-based membership sections in its headquarters in Scottsdale, AZ as a fourth NCA membership section.

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